You can develop your ideas and artistic abilities as a writer and visual artist by creating your comic plot. Writing a comic strip template requires a clear setting and compelling characters. Thus, comic writing is a kind of art that combines story creation and execution. Outstanding comic concepts balance tension and conflict, just like any epic narrative. So, the best comic ideas result in stand-alone issues that endure over time and mesh well with a broader series. Keeping a notebook to scribble down ideas as they come into your mind can be helpful.

Comic Ideas

Your ideas will nearly always come from your experiences, hobbies, and feelings. So, consider various comic book templates that track or fuel your creativity.

Slice of Life

As you discuss your life story and interests, pick a persona to stand in for you. Briefly introduce yourself and discuss your hobbies and pursuits. Countless comic strip examples can guide you while writing about yourself. Adding your upbringing might be a good idea to include more people in your comic strip, such as close friends or family members. Thus, have the main character in your comic strip discuss or reflect on the significant aspects of your life.

Trip to a Mysterious Place

Feel like you could visit a strange planet, star, or land. As your character sets off on its journey, what thoughts or words does it have in mind? What expectations does it have? Ask others about how the creature looks. Here, you can talk with each human, animal, or thing. Further, it can take the kind of queries, jokes, or having the creature explain about its life. Hence, they can discuss their favorite cuisines, habits, or issues, such as dealing with grief and unresolved issues.

Wishes Come True

You can act as if all your wishes can come true. Which ones would they be? Choose a character that conveys a wish. Have your main character tell someone else in a discussion balloon why the choice was made and what it means to them. Likewise, this other character can respond to the main character’s wish choices and offer remarks. They can even request their own that they would like to have fulfilled.

Day at Work and School

Create a scenario where your manager speaks with the employees, and you can read their thoughts and wishes while they speak. Select a persona to represent the boss when visiting the office staff. Place thinking balloons over people’s heads and write what they feel inside them.

Similarly, it could also be a school setting. You can read your teacher’s thoughts when she speaks to the other students while studying in a group. Select a figure to serve as the instructor. Talk balloons can be used, if they wish, to get students to react to what the teacher says.

Alien Faux Pas

When a group of aliens arrive on Earth, they attempt to fit in with humanity, but they find it difficult to relate to social mores and cultural practices. In addition to having a lot of funny potential, these comic ideas can be used as a thriller or to portray tales about exiles. Besides, you can take themes from humorous comic strips to convey serious stories in your graphic novels.

Secret Hero

A superhero bestowed with magical talents who, to defend others from harm, must conceal their true identity. You must play with conventions and put your unique spin on well-trod comic ideas to produce fantastic comic strips. Hence, superhero comic books are the basis for American comic book creation.

Time Warp Archives

You can create a story of a time-traveling couple that embarks on historical travels. One day, they find themselves in difficult situations and must figure out how to escape them. Time travel is ideal for visual narrative. Moreover, it allows you to contrast your leads with nature and comic book customs.

Noir Detectives

A detective and their partner struggle with fake officials and deadly villains. It happened when they were solving mysteries and crimes in a city inspired by noir. These serious subjects are common in graphic novels, turning comic ideas into stories. Make sure you add your unique view to your comic book so that the tale of your detective is unusual.

The Super Family

A superhero family that has to juggle their daily life with their duty to combat crime. One of the most simple but powerful comic strip concepts is this one. Stories from comic books often include incredibly relatable figures and comic creators. Thus, the reader will put down your comic book as soon as they can easily identify all the heroes.

Eccentric Coffee Crew

Another idea is to have friends who manage their personal lives while interacting with regular customers at their coffee business. This would make a fantastic premise for a comic strip. If you base your comic on a specific location, you can create comic strip scenarios representing any event at a cafe.

Mythical Mingle

You can write about a collection of mythical animals that live in the present era and attempt to retain their history and culture, including centaurs, dragons, and unicorns. Numerous stories from around the globe might serve as the basis for this comic book concept. However, humor can surprise the reader if it challenges their beliefs.

Odd Duo Secrets

A dog and a cat are unusual pairs that work together to solve mysteries and rescue the day despite their innate enmity. One of the best features of this comic book concept is that it may be used with different stories. Hence, think about modeling the characters after your buddies.


Observing people, events, and acts in your daily life can uncover fresh and intriguing comic ideas for your book. Regular activities like going to the park, food shopping, and going to work can be great sources of inspiration. Take insight from your events, ties, and feelings. Consider how you mix fun moments from your life into a comic strip. A comic strip can benefit from having a bit of yourself in it, mainly if you make it entertaining.

FAQs About Comic Ideas

How do you improve your ability to come up with fun ideas?

If you want to write comic books, there are a few methods to get better at creating ideas for your work. To begin with, read broadly and often. Read works from various genres and historical periods for narrative concepts and tactics.

What genre can stir your vision for comic book ideas?

Consider the ideas and writing styles of well-known comic book authors as part of your extensive reading. Check out the long collection of plots sorted by genre. It covers comedy, horror, science fiction, and fantasy.

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