Empatico is a platform that allows students to communicate, empathize, and relate to one another. This digital platform for organizing meetings enables video chats amongst groups spread out across various regions. Besides its being far more in-depth, it is perfect for classroom use. Teachers can interact with students through text messages, photos, videos, and chats. It allows customization of the learning experience to be as complete or optional as required. Further, it has an activity library where groups can find a shared project to work on. This way, students connect, and the teachers can guide them toward appropriate activities.


This article lays out how this platform works and the various features that are aligned with it. This way, you can decide how Empatico is valuable for your class.

What Is Empatico About

Empatico is a web-based platform that offers excellent classroom activities that target social-emotional competencies. It includes an automatic matching algorithm, video content, chat messaging, and file sharing. Teachers can also use the tool to receive facilitator tips and instruction tools, improving their ability to foster empathy in the classroom. Like ClassTag, an educational platform, it is suited to hybrid, remote, and in-person learning settings.

Various Features

Empatico lets teachers record sessions. They can also take a follow-up class where you examine what went well and where you can improve. It’s helpful to keep taking the same class regularly to establish rapport. If necessary, they can also switch to new classes and travel. It provides a library of tasks to complete during and after the two classes meet.

Further, there are chances to perform class activities and daily practices. You can even exchange information with different channels. Teachers can use a Google Slides venue or something from its Flip system to introduce the students.

Ways To Teach With This Tool

Teachers can choose from pre-made activities to collaborate with another teacher. After being paired, you can link with your fellow teacher to prepare for a class. Teachers of other schools could use lesson plans based on social and emotional learning (SEL). It indirectly supports SEL and enables teachers to focus more on learning.

Moreover, consider your purpose for employing and your intended learning assessment method. Goals should be made clear to students in advance, and ample time should be provided for reflection. Students can use it to practice communication skills and reflect on the SEL and the topic studied.

The Empathy Framework

The Empathy Framework favors three aspects of students’ growing empathy: emotions, thoughts, and actions. Students cultivate empathy toward one another, others, and different groups through activities that link with the framework. It takes excellent joy to attempt to equip students with nine critical abilities.

Solve Problems

The platform was created to raise an empathic future era. It equips today’s youth for a globalized world. Here, the teachers consider that success depends on fostering cross-cultural ties. Likewise, it allows youth to broaden their views and connect with students.

Further, these engaging activities are led by teachers and linked by digitally enabled videos. Students can practice the interpersonal skills vital for forming cross-cultural ties and learn about various points of view.

Compatible With School Curriculum

Empatico offers standards-based activities that work with a variety of teaching curricula. The Team also created an instructor-led course that ensures young learners’ facilitators are prepared to lead them through their cognitive empathy.

This way, teachers see the world through their partner’s eyes when they encounter variations. This tool fosters critical thinking and the creation of bonds. It also assists students in enhancing and reinforcing their learning.

Why Is It Good For Learning

This tool makes connecting your classroom to others, local or distant, simple. Teachers have almost everything they need at their fingertips. To coordinate lesson planning, they can locate a partner classroom. Assessment may be the one component lacking as educators will find it hard to assess the learning outcomes.

In addition, the effectiveness of any exchange depends on the teachers’ ability to work together. Thus, it also creates a meaningful experience for the instructors. In general, kids who can interact with other students and explore have the chance to grow.

What Makes It Unique

This tool fosters a global effort to increase empathy by fusing the best parts of technology. It pushes the frontiers of education and offers plans for virtual exchange activities. These activities inspire positive student ties that spark empathy and creativity. It is closing the divide between us and them.

Likewise, this tool teaches kids digital literacy, good contact, and the value of uniting with different origins and views. They are equipping the leaders of tomorrow to be the change agents the world needs. Thus, teachers use this strategy as part of their duty to the group’s wellness.

Pricing Model

It costs nothing to join or use this platform. For direct discourse, you’ll need a good camera, microphone, speaker system that covers the entire classroom, and a strong enough internet connection to enable video.

Further, the site is safe, free of ads, and simple because it was created with students in mind. Donations are accepted for this tool, a nonprofit that depends on sponsors, allies, and supporters for its operations. Thus, this tool benefits the society as a whole.

Tips and Tricks

Using the app’s features is the most straightforward approach for working on SEL. Talking about what occurred after the meeting can help students reflect on their actions. Further, use your tools and lesson plans to create a space where the groups can focus and work together. Hence, it is helpful in the first few sessions when they get to know one another.

The Bottom Line

The digital video tool Empatico helps students and teachers interact with others in the classroom. Its goal is to establish a venue where groups worldwide may come together to exchange skills, insights, and ideas. The platform offers various links to make this as easy as feasible. It also offers tasks that can be ended, enabling the groups to cooperate and work together. It occurs despite the linguistic and location limits that could render this task.

FAQs About Empatico

What is the activity time in Empatico?

When creating the activities, many scholarly needs are considered. Teachers have access to a variety of activities and lengths to choose from, depending on what their classes require. However, the duration will be fifteen to sixty minutes.

What are the ways to log in to Empatico?

To log in, you must have a student account. However, if you need to create an account, there are a few steps to follow. You must add a student ID and a unique password. Then, add your school details to log in.

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