Are you trying to find a fun and profitable profession in the technology sector? As a recent graduate or college student from a local community college, you may be curious about various career options. Tech sales is an industry that is expanding quickly and is in demand. A job in tech sales may be ideal if you have excellent technical knowledge and thrive at developing contacts. There are several benefits to picking a career in sales because of its high earnings. Further, this article will discuss how to get into tech sales, covering the many roles in the field, the skills required, and possible career pathways.

Steps To Get Into Tech Sales

There are standards for working in tech sales, ranging from education to skill and experience requirements. Here are some crucial actions you need to know how to get into tech sales.

Finish Your Technical Schooling

A bachelor’s degree in IT, computer science, or engineering is helpful since it lets you acquire the technical expertise you need on the job, even though it isn’t usually a formal need in tech sales. Likewise, a degree in business or another subject is beneficial for enhancing your selling and marketing abilities.

Get Expertise in Sales

Having previous sales expertise in a non-technical capacity can be helpful when attempting to move into tech sales. You’ll find that many of your abilities in other sales positions translate to tech sales. Thus, HR can also see from experience that you have achieved in sales-related roles.

Get Credentials

Whether you’re looking to become certified in tech or sales, they’re both valuable ways to enhance your resume and improve your chances of getting a job after an interview. For instance, you can learn about leading clients through sales and develop communication skills by obtaining a badge from NASP.

Create a Network

One of the finest ways to get a career in IT sales is through networking. Connecting with people in the field can assist you in breaking into the field and learning more about the job. Many online sites make links with possible employers to locate job openings.

Keep Updated

Keeping up with the most recent advances in tech sales trends might help you differentiate yourself from the competition. You can stay updated by following tech sales networks, attending webinars, and reading industry blogs.

Make Use of Your Prior Experience

You can use your previous sales skills to obtain employment in tech sales. Making a strong resume and emphasizing your transferable talents to tech sales can assist you stand out from the competition.

Create the Ideal Resume

Make sure your CV is specific to the job you are looking for. It should highlight relevant honors, qualifications, or sales or tech expertise. Hence, your CV should highlight your aptitude for identifying client needs and completing transactions.

Consult Other IT Sales Experts For Advice

Seek guidance from other tech sales experts with certainty. Contact those working in the field and inquire about job placement methods. Attending tech sales events and meetups is another way to broaden your skills and connect with possible firms.

Get Information From Websites

College students can find great employment prospects in tech sales with the help of online sources. It lets you network with hiring managers and recruiters from leading tech firms. Further, you can get specific career suggestions based on your skills and interests. It can also be used to expand your circle of contacts and display your sales prowess to hiring managers.

Potential Career

Tech sales offer a variety of job choices. The roles these positions play in the sales process are what set them apart. Your technical expertise is important in tech sales roles because you will be the go-to person for clients with tech-related queries. Likewise, account executives, sales engineers, technical salespeople, and sales marketing agents are among them. Other career routes include business, account, sales, and customer success management.

Required Skills

You must improve your technical insights and selling ability if you work in technical sales. You must know CRM tools, time regimes, contact, and social skills. In addition, you should possess product details, expertise in sales, and resilience in the face of rejection.

Why Work In Tech Sales

Many people find a job in tech sales appealing because of the variety of rewards it offers. Extensive technical knowledge is optional for a tech sales job, but a basic grasp of skills helps. In addition, incentives are given in tech sales positions subject to success.

Moreover, prior sales experience is not preferred for entry-level positions. Many tech sales jobs let you work remotely, giving them the flexibility to work from anywhere. Thus, there are many chances for career growth and success in IT sales.

Challenges To Face

Despite all the benefits of working in tech sales, several difficulties come with the job. Dealing with big clients and high-stakes deals may make working in IT sales extremely stressful. Because of the steep learning curve in the IT sales sector, entering the field might be daunting. A career in IT sales can be fulfilling, but there are also pitfalls. So, tech salespeople often fail to get clients, and many find cold calling awful.


Selling technical components is known as tech sales. By giving clients a greater grasp of how to use the technology, a tech executive intends to assist in solving and improving the operations. As a result, growth in tech sales employment is anticipated over the next several decades. If the tech industry grows quicker, it may surpass that—college students who want to learn more about tech sales and how to get into tech sales.

FAQs About How to Get Into Tech Sales

Is tech sales in high demand in the market?

Every firm depends on sales, so there is a massive need for sales positions. Furthermore, since 2007, the number of technology startups has surged by 47%, forcing graduates to know how to get into tech sales.

What is the job outlook and salary for tech sales?

Tech industry sales positions pay more than others. In the US, IT sales professionals earn an average of $71,300 yearly. The annual compensation for a tech sales manager increases to $129,700. These figures usually increase with commission and experience.

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