The teen years can feel very stressful. There’s so much happening around. School is hard. Friends can be tricky. Family can be tough, too. Big life changes happen. It’s easy for teens to feel too much is happening. Mindful activities for teens can help a lot. Mindfulness means paying attention now. With openness and interest, it is about noticing your thoughts and emotions without judging them. This can help teens feel centered even when life feels stressful.

Mindful Activities for Teens

Mindful things help train our minds to focus on the present, not the past or future. Doing mindful things takes practice. But even small moments help. Here are some easy mindful activities for teens that can help prioritize your life:

1- Deep Breathing for Clarity

When we feel stressed, our breath goes fast and not deep. Deep breathing tells our brain to calm down. It helps our heart and blood pressure go down, too. Taking 5-10 deep breaths when overwhelmed can help teens feel centered. Teens can practice belly breathing. Put one hand on the stomach. Put the other hand on the chest. Breathe deeply through the nose. Feel the stomach expand with air. Breathe out slowly through puckered lips.

Do this again and again for a few minutes. It can make teens feel less worried when they want to. Just a little bit of deep breathing can change a lot. It’s a simple way for teens to find their center without using bullets or lists. The key is to focus on the breath and release tension. With practice, deep breathing provides instant relief.

2- Taking Relaxed Walks

Taking walks outside can be very calming for teens. It helps them slow down and notice the world around them. Have teens walk alone in the neighborhood or a park nearby without distractions like phones. They can focus on relaxing their body and breathing deeply. Take in the sights and listen to the sounds.

Feel the air and sun. Smell nature and let the walking release feel-good endorphins. To lift their mood, going for mindful walks helps teens appreciate life’s little joys and become more centered. Even a short walk can re-energize teens when feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

3- Writing Thoughts Down

Journaling allows teens to spill all their swirling thoughts and feelings onto paper, decluttering the mind. By pouring out stresses and sorting through feelings on paper, perspective is gained. Journals include reflective writing, creative fiction, poetry, memoir, and intention-setting.

Listing things they feel grateful for cultivates positivity. Teens can also ask questions in their journals and explore their inner world more deeply. Writing helps bring clarity, organization, and a sense of control when life feels chaotic.

4- Mindful Eating Moments

It’s fun to pay attention to how food smells, tastes, feels, and sounds. Teens can spend 5-10 minutes enjoying snacks. First, notice how the food looks. Sniff its aroma. Touch its texture. Listen to the crunch or crinkle. Then, slowly put it in the mouth. Allow the flavors to dance on the tongue.

Eat bit by bit without doing other things, and being fully present while eating makes teens appreciate the food more. It also helps them eat less but enjoy it more. This simple mindful eating exercise builds gratitude and self-control by tuning into our senses while snacking.

5- Feeling Your Body

Body scans tap into physical sensations and promote teens’ connection with their bodies. Have teens sit comfortably, close their eyes, and systematically pay attention to sensations in each part of the body from head to toe. Noticing subtleties like jaw tension, fluttering eyelids, rising chest, tingling hands, or warm feet brings calm focus. Teens could also try mindful walking by focusing closely on the feeling of each step.

6- Coloring and Drawing with Care

Artistic activities like coloring mandalas or nature scenes and drawing beautiful objects can induce a meditative state. The repetitive motions promote a focus on the present. Teens can color slowly and methodically or doodle aimlessly, letting inspiration flow through the hand onto paper. Displaying finished art fosters a sense of mindful accomplishment.

7- Fun Puzzles and Games

Playing familiar card or board games gives teens’ brains a break from stressful thoughts. Solitary puzzles like Sudoku and crosswords or multiplayer games like Checkers, Monopoly, and Scrabble engage hands and minds pleasantly. Setting aside dedicated device-free time to play allows teens to immerse themselves in these mindful puzzles and games.

8- Crafting with Focus

Hands-on crafts prompt teens to follow each step slowly and with care, whether kneading dough, knitting, braiding, making jewelry, painting pottery, folding origami, or carving wood. The measured movements combined with creativity result in being deeply immersed in the process. Showcasing their handmade items afterward also builds pride.

9- Technology Detox

While technology serves many purposes, excessive screen time overstimulates teen brains, creating agitation. Setting aside periods each day to unplug helps reset. Teens could turn phones off for a few hours to engage in screen-free activities like reading, writing in journals, playing board games, gardening, talking with family, creating art, or doing self-care like taking baths or naps.

10- Snapping Pictures with Thought

Photography appeals to artistic teens. Encourage them to use phone cameras deliberately to capture meaningful moments. Instead of endlessly snapping, suggest they pause frequently to observe people, objects, and scenes. Taking time to frame unique photos with skill builds mindfulness as teens actively train their eyes to notice intriguing patterns and beauty around them.


The teen years can feel rocky. However, mindfulness helps teens handle challenges better. Mindfulness means concentrating on the present without thinking of things as good or bad. Any activity done this way counts as mindfulness practice. There are a lot of mindful activities for teens. Have teens add mindful bits to their daily lives. With time, this will reduce their stress and help them feel peaceful inside. Mindfulness gives teens clarity and confidence. To ride out life’s ups and downs with grace.

FAQs about Mindful Activities for Teens

Can mindfulness activities be done anywhere?

Mindfulness can happen no matter where you are! At home, in school, hanging with friends – there are always chances to do quick, mindful things and feel more relaxed.

Do teens need special skills to do mindfulness activities?

No, any teen can do a mindful activity based on his/her interests! It just takes some repetition to get used to paying attention to the now.

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