Sutori is an interactive and collaborative platform for teachers and schools. This best instructional and presentation tool can help teachers explain the core of each subject through various templates. Since teachers have a crucial role in shaping the future youth and decision-makers, they can go above and beyond by always offering assistance, paying attention, and being concerned through this tool. The close-knit staff of Sutori is dedicated to highlighting and improving students’ learning. Thus, the teaching is cross-curricular, engaging, and impactful when viewed through a project-based system and the 4Cs.

All About Sutori

Teachers may find creating their timelines with this tool as easy as converting an old outline or slide deck to the new format. This visual teaching approach can benefit students by improving problem-solving skills as well as teamwork and collaboration, especially when integrated with experiential learning.

For English Teachers

Sutori provides clear criteria for what students must understand, whether they are reviewing prior content or starting a new task. Among the activities included are essays, book reviews, creative writing, and storytelling. Thus, learning activities and template lessons can help students focus on the basics of English.

For Social Studies Teachers

Social studies help teachers share blended learning and timelines. This way, history lessons come to life. Hence, students can be immersed in history, civics, and current events supported by various materials.

For Elementary Teachers

Track learners’ growth, teach them about goals and duties, and do it all in a single narrative. Integrate digital interaction into books and storytelling. Your yearbooks can be active, enjoyable, and digital. Considering the previous year’s success, involve the students in future progress.

For Math Teachers

Desmos, Google Sheets, and Piktocharts may all be directly merged into Sutori via graphs. This method is chosen for teaching math concepts since it allows you to embed digital aids. Making graphs and figures with themes makes it engaging and practical.  

For Science Teachers

Students find it simple to organize their ideas and show the procedures they followed for a science experiment. This is owing to the format of the required presentation. Hence, it can be used for science projects instead of pen and paper, Google Docs, or Slide.

For Language & ESL Teachers

Make study guides that students can utilize in the school setting. These dynamic lesson plans can serve as short versions of texts or as substitutes. Take advantage of the ability to adapt to learning styles. This includes reading, watching movies, listening, analyzing websites, etc.

For Higher Education

The tool creates explicit learning for what students must learn, whether reviewing earlier taught content or starting a new task. Making notes is an artistic activity that helps us identify the gaps. It serves as a tool for gathering, analyzing, and outlining lessons. So, the ideal format allows users to organize their writing and assimilation-promoting media.

LMS Integrations

When this tool is integrated with your LMS, you can save time while creating student accounts by importing the student roster. Likewise, you can even use it inside your LMS. You can upload any tale straight to your LMS and share stories.

It includes sharing projects and assignments directly in the Google Classroom. You can find this tool on the Scoology App Center or set it up within Canvas. Setting it up with Blackboard and Moodle only takes a few minutes.

Various Sutori Templates

The app makes creating timelines simple. Besides, no coding or technical experience is needed to use the basic interface.

Historical Timeline

Timelines are an excellent tool for teaching students about historical events. These timelines capture students’ interest while offering the framework for further exploration and insights. Students may combine quizzes and informative facts within the content. The goals are to gain a broad knowledge of history and grasp the links between the events.

Learning Diary

A learning diary template offers a flexible yet dictated style for recording progress and analyzing learning activities. It usually has spaces for weekly notes, in which students record what they have learned. A well-kept learning diary becomes a detailed record of a student’s academic career, showing their growth over time.

Story Timeline

Stories play a major part in education. They improve memory, foster fresh learning, and maintain our attention. Likewise, teaching students to tell their stories using a storytelling template is efficient.

Vertical Timeline

A vertical timeline template is a visual aid for showing stages or events in time in a vertical, linear manner. It illustrates the order of tasks or events through time in reports, PPTs, and project planning. It makes sense when you wish to save horizontal space or show content in a way.

Blank Timeline

A blank timeline template allows you to plot an event timeline over time. It offers an empty framework in which you can indicate dates and times. Further, you can fill it out and display the data however you see fit.

Trial and Pricing Plan

Regarding Sutori pricing, it offers a free plan and a $99 yearly subscription. All users who sign up for it receive an unlimited 30-day trial of the paid version. It gives them access to sharing, unity, and student control. Other options for inserting details, grading student work, and utilizing templates are among the paid features.

Ways to Login

There are five ways to direct login or sign up if you don’t have an account. It includes Google, Office 365, Facebook, Clever, and Edmodo. You can enter your email or username along with the password. This way, you can value its features according to the free-to-paid plan.

The Bottom Line

Sutori is a web-based tool for creating and sharing graphical timelines and slideshows. You can find material for almost every basic subject. It was viewed as a tool for creating engaging stories. Apart from all this, it was initially designed for history lectures. Most already prepared tales are typical timelines students see through by scrolling down. It seems like a social media feed or webpage. However, social contributions span all topics, including learning lectures and class calendar planning.

FAQs About Sutori

Has any mobile app been launched for it?

Its app is available for PC, mobile, Surface Hub, and HoloLens. It works with Windows 10 and has an integrated keyboard. Download this software, which is about 0.3MB, while logging into your Microsoft account.

Is this tool a reliable resource for schooling?

Several features support the four Cs of learning—collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. This makes it the go-to tool for teachers seeking to promote study and improve literacy.

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