Unlike StudySync, TypeTastic School Edition offers a fun and motivating K-12 keyboarding curriculum and teacher resources. Watch your students travel on an exciting trip to gather words and letters. They learn in colorful and appealing sceneries while trying to type fluently. It monitors students’ progress and allows for easy assignment and oversight. Likewise, it is entirely ad-free because it is a specific study material with timed checks. The broad K-12 Keyboarding program exposes children to over 700 exciting exercises. With Teacher Dashboard, you can organize kids into school settings. Check their progress, create unique typing exams, and more.

All About TypeTastic

To improve your learning experience, TypeTastic is one of the fun and educating approaches.

Start Learning with Activities

The latest TypeTastic version includes a significant update to the study material. It introduced over 280 new activities for middle and high schools, and students are now guided to a specific subject based on their grade level.

Lower Elementary (K-2)

Lower primary students are taught vital areas and motor skills. The three modules are ideal for practicing finger movements through second-grade kids. The learning process is gradual. It begins with one-finger tasks to acquaint oneself with the keyboard.

Further, the initial activities are also mouse-compatible, allowing kids to practice mouse usage. Unit 1 is titled My Keyboard Adventure. Unit 2 is called All Fingers Aboard. Also, Unit 3 covers Ready, Set, and Type.

Upper Elementary

Upper elementary students go on fun trips. These six modules push children to master the basics of typing. The FingerPaths keyboard allows one to visualize key assignments and finger gestures. These units show gradual progress, with each session beginning with a leisurely pastime.

Moreover, students then proceed to type words, phrases, and paragraphs. Each course concludes with a Skills Test as a benchmark. Units contain All Fingers: Aboard, Ready, Set, Type, Full Speed, Catch Numbers, The Secret of Symbols, and Know Your Numpad.

Middle and High Schools

Dive deeper into fluent typing with a simplified blue theme. These modules challenge them with complicated words. They improve their typing speed and help them learn about numbers and symbols. A variety of activities support every stage of the learning process.

So, older students will benefit from tailored typing exams. They are urged to be used as a benchmark at the start and end of each lesson. Units encompass units 9 through 14. They cover Motor Skills, Touch Typing, Speed Building, Number Row, Symbols, and NumPad.

TypeTastic Teacher Dashboard

This program includes several tools to assist teachers in tracking their students’ development. The dashboard allows you to divide students into classes. It is based on their grade level, age group, and language. Also, it creates personalized typing exams. Teachers may choose from three different options. The rates range from $59 for home education to $99 per year for a class of 40. School rates begin at $249 for a total of 60 students.

Gamified Introduction

Playing games allows students to develop a pleasing, gratifying, and encouraging connection with typing. Overall, it is a game-based, bright, and lovely approach. Here are only three of the brilliant ideas based on brand-new typing games. Further, the first central idea is to begin with one finger. The second idea is to map the keyboard, and the third is to Make it fun. Plus One activity is to Make it easier than ever.

Motor Skills Training

Keyboarding requires precise finger motions. Activities involve letters appearing and showing the movements used in actual typing. Students of all ages will memorize the typing movements they need in school and life if they play and complete these engaging games. They created three games to achieve our initial aim: Game 1 is Keyboard Builder, Game 2 is Frog Pond Patrol, and Game 3 is Cupcake Bugs.

Visual Keyboard of TypeTastic

In the original software, the letters on the keyboard were divided into nine color-coded groups. Students view the keyboard as a map, allowing them to scan it for the relevant letters. Following the games, students discover the more traditional FingerPaths keyboard. Hence, you can notice how the keys to be pushed with a finger are tied to the visible keyboard.

Step-by-Step Training

The modules are laid out so students can effectively attain their goals. In all typing lessons, students begin by typing letters and words. Then, they gradually progress to phrases, sections, and longer chunks of text. The developers believe students are more driven to type content than repeat letters.

Games with District-Level

Two million players play these games every month. Now, new solid tools make it a genuinely district-wide solution. The most recent upgrade includes an administrator dashboard that helps leaders of districts or other primary schools manage several schools from a simple user interface. For districts that do not utilize Clever, they include CSV importing.

Build Skills and Confidence with TypeTastic

It is helpful for teaching courses with a size of 20 to 28 students, as well as early finishers. You may click on specific kids to see how much time they’ve spent on each level and lesson. Plus, students can amplify their mouse skills through games. It improves the confidence of 3rd to 4th grade, and they even begin to use it. During the contest, many warmups before an actual typing exam result in more progress than going directly into the work.

Sign Up Choice

The Free plan provides a complete K-12 curriculum. It has no ads, login, or reporting, so sign up for free. In the School plan, other things remain the same. However, advanced reporting is a new feature for single schools. You can get a free 60-day Trial. Further, at Large School & District, all features are kept for multiple schools.


TypeTastic is a holistic K-12 keyboarding program. Students will learn suitable typing forms through tests and grade-level tasks. Younger students learn by playing games. They divide the keyboard into pieces. It shows the keyboard with color coding to indicate which finger should type the letter. One of the learning tips is to type sentences of text on a range of subjects. After each game, students are given a typing speed and accuracy score.

FAQs on TypeTastic

How should the students log in?

Each school receives a unique login to access the School Edition. Everyone uses a single link to access the program. Teachers are instantly sent to the Teacher Dashboard, while students can only access study materials.

Do you have an application?

It is not accessible as an application. It is browser-based and works with all leading browsers on desktops, laptops, Chromebooks, and iPads. When used with iPads, most models require an extra keyboard.

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