Are you familiar with your ancestry? You must spread out with family units if you come from a large extended family. Are you also unsure of what do you call your cousin’s child or how to deal with their cousin’s child? Your cousin’s child is named after your first cousin. It may sound strange, but this is how your connection is officially defined.

The gap in generations between family members affects the nature of their relationship. Knowing precisely how you are related to someone is often useful because family tree branches can soon start to branch off in different directions.

What Do You Call Your Cousin’s Child

Everything you should know about relatives and their significance to your ancestry is necessary. This article explains what do you call your cousin’s child.

Family Relationship Chart

Another name for a family chart is a pedigree chart. Most people think of this when attempting to characterize their family tree. These charts show the bonds between parents and their children by several lines. It travels back in time from the present to the moment of origin.

The chart starts with the person it is based on and adds their parents to branches. Their grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on are included in these lineages. Thus, it can be visualized as the relatives of a certain person.

First vs Second Cousins

Your first cousins are the kids of your aunts and uncles from the paternal or maternal side. Similarly, your second cousins have a paternal or maternal great-grandparent. But you and your second cousins don’t have similar grandparents. However, you do share great-grandparents. So, knowing your second cousin is similar to knowing your first cousin. When it comes to the kids of the first or second cousins, the basic question arises: what are my cousin’s kids to me?

A Third Cousin

The child of your parent’s second cousin is your third cousin. That means the children of your parent’s first cousin are your second cousin. Your fourth cousins are your offspring and the offspring of your third cousin. Usually, a great-grandparent whose brother or sister is your great-grandparent is related to you through a third cousin. Thus, close family units living in the same regions will probably keep in touch with distant relatives.

Meaning of Once Removed Cousin

“Removed” means grand or great but with cousins. “Once removed” is a difference of one generation, and “twice” means the difference of two generations. Your grandparents’ great-grandchild is a second cousin once removed. Your closest shared relative is a great-grandparent, and you are one generation at most apart. Further, you are two generations away from a cousin who was thrice removed.

Things become a little more complicated when we start moving down and up generations. Not your second cousin, but your first cousin, once removed, is your parents’ cousin. It is because your great-grandparent, whom you share, is a cousin’s grandmother.

If My Cousin Has A Baby, Am I Aunt

Are you still trying to figure out what do you call your cousin’s child or what the kids should call you? Once they are removed, your cousin’s children will be your first cousins. But your children are second cousins to theirs. Your children will call them cousins, but they will know you as uncle or aunt even if they are second cousins.

Further, European or Asian nations have unique names for their distant cousins. However, this variation in culture is not used in the US. As a result, rather than choosing their names based on accurate ancestry, many families choose to adopt them based on a family custom or who is the eldest. Thus, your uncle or aunt may be your nephew.

Calling Your Cousin’s Child

It’s your first cousin once removed, so you might wonder how you and your cousin connect. You should refer to their kid as your nephew or niece even though they are first cousins by marriage. For instance, once removed, your cousin’s children are first cousins, meaning they are not related to you. Some call them their niece or nephew, although the child isn’t from a brother or sister. Still, if it’s inconvenient to call them by those terms, saying they are a cousin is enough.

Consider Your Relationship

Some people think of their cousins more like siblings and have very close relationships with them. In this instance, calling their kids your niece or nephew won’t appear out of the ordinary. Calling your cousins something usually only used for your sibling’s offspring may seem unusual. Still, your cousin’s kids can call you uncle or aunt.

My Parent’s Cousin to Me

You can extend farther from your first and second cousins if you still have some branches to add to your family tree. Your mother speaks of her relatives when she was growing up and how they are related to you. The term, once removed, describes the number of ancestors that separate them from you. Those two family members are related even if you come from separate generations.

Even though your fifth cousin is the furthest distant relative, you still have. It is usually considered that 4th or 5th cousins are not related to each other. However, you have about a 15% chance of sharing DNA with them if you are blood-related. Likewise, the amount of genetic material you have in common with them will be less than that of closer relatives like first cousins and immediate family.

The Bottom Line

You have probably asked yourself, what do you call your cousin’s child? If you look into your family tree, they are your first cousins once removed, despite the name being a little odd. You can refer to them by name, cousin, niece, nephew, little friend, etc. However, you can address your cousin’s child in many other ways. Therefore, referring to your cousin’s daughter as your niece or son as your nephew simply comes down to customary usage or family custom.

FAQs on What Do You Call Your Cousin’s Child

How is my mother’s first cousin related to me?

It could be easy to call your mother’s cousin your second cousin, even when they are not your first. Despite the generational gap, you are still directly related to them through their great-grandparents. That means that your first cousin, once removed, is your mother’s cousin.

What are my parents called to my cousin’s baby?

Sometimes, you may get mistaken for what do you call your cousin’s child. However, your cousin’s child has you as a great-aunt and great-uncle. They are the baby’s grandparent’s (your parent’s) sibling in their familial link. This link shows the genealogical links within the extended family.

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