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10 “Would You Rather” Questions for Teens

This article carefully lists thought-provoking would you rather questions for teens that will challenge your decision-making mastery and stir laughter!

1- Would you rather pick between the past or the future?

Imagination can control time, but you must pick between two votes: going back to the past or driving along to the future. Returning to history would allow you to relive special moments and blunders. On the other hand, risking into the future could provide glances of technological advances.

The choice finally depends on whether you prefer to review the familiar or embark on an unknown adventure. Returning to the past may offer memories and a chance for growth while travelling to the future promises discovery. Consider the impact of altering the past or experiencing the thrill of the future.

2- Would you rather be competent to say every language fluently or play every lyrical instrument flawlessly?

Language and music are two effective forms of expression. Being eloquent in every language would enable you to convey effortlessly to people worldwide. Playing every musical instrument would allow you to create beautiful melodies and engage in the universal musical language.

Imagine yourself effortlessly playing the instrument. Whether you prioritize the power of communication or musical expression, both choices offer connecting possibilities. Consider your love for words or music as you consider this question.

3- Would you rather keep the power to fly or evolve invisible?

The choice between the power to fly and the ability to become invisible is yours. If you choose the power to fly, you can experience freedom from a unique perspective. Flying would grant you exceptional escape from the limitations of the ground.

Becoming invisible gives you the power to move undetected and gain an advantage. It would allow you to become an observer or pull off naughty pranks. Evaluate whether you prioritize the joy of flight and invisibility.

4- Would you rather be considered to read minds or see destiny?

Discover supernatural abilities by reading minds or seeing destiny. If you could read minds, you would gain remarkable insight into the sentiments of those around you. This knowledge could foster understanding and help guide complex situations.

Seeing destiny would allow you to glimpse the future and prepare for what lies ahead. You could make better decisions and influence outcomes with this foresight. You can either value understanding others or being able to shape your destiny.

5- Would you rather have a part-time job that pays well but is boring or a fun job with little pay?

The age-old argument between economic stability and job satisfaction is asked in this question. Opting for a part-time job that delivers well but is boring would provide you with financial security. However, it may require more excitement than a more enjoyable job.

A Part Time Job or a Fun Job
A Part Time Job or a Fun Job

But choosing a fun job with little pay would mean adopting a career that brings you joy, even if you sacrifice financial comfort. This choice eventually depends on your preferences and values. Consider both scenarios as you consider this relatable scenario.

6- Would you rather have unlimited video games or access to your favourite food for a year?

The question presents a delectable spot for gaming lovers and food fans. Having unlimited access to video games would mean an unlimited collection of virtual adventures at your fingertips. It would allow you to explore different gaming worlds.

Access to your favourite food for a year would allow you to enter your delights whenever you desire. Fantasize savouring and satisfying your taste buds. It’s your choice if you have an immersive gaming experience or the delight of enjoying your favourite foods under this query.

7- Would you rather be considerably famous in school but have no best friends or a short group of close friends who are fairly unidentified?

The inquiry delves into the dynamics of popularity and friendship. Choosing to be largely famous in school may contribute to your overall praise, admiration, and social status. You may lose deep, meaningful connections with others in such a situation.

Further, a small group of close friends who are fairly novel means prioritizing close relationships over popularity. You would have a tight-knit circle of friends who truly understand and help you. Consider both conditions as you entertain this thought-provoking inquiry.

8- Would you rather live without Wi-Fi or a phone for a month?

In our technology-driven world, it is an exciting choice between staying connected digitally or disconnecting temporarily. Living without access to Wi-Fi for a month means no internet browsing or online communication. It would require finding alternative means to connect with others.

Living without a phone would mean giving up the instant communication smartphones offer. It would encourage face-to-face interactions and dependence on landlines. Consider whether you value virtual connectivity or the opportunity to immerse in the offline world.

9- Would you rather always be telling the truth or be able to lie convincingly?

This question includes honesty and the art of convincing. Always telling the truth means welcoming complete transparency in your interactions with others. It would foster trust and promote innocence. However, it may also mean potentially hurting others’ emotions.

Sometimes, being able to lie convincingly would give you the power to navigate social problems. It could be useful in specific scenarios but also risks damaging trust. Do think of the virtues of honesty or the strategic advantage and social lying in this moral and interpersonal dilemma.

10- Would you rather be a well-known athlete or a prominent actor/actress?

The question lets you into fame and career options. Being a well-known athlete would mean recognizing your sporting prowess. You would be honoured for your physical abilities and potentially have an enduring impact on the sports world.

You can be a prominent actor or actress, allowing you to captivate audiences with your performances and make a mark in storytelling. You could embody diverse characters. Consider whether you are drawn to sports or acting as you consider this fascinating puzzle.


We hope this collection of queries for teens has sparked your creativity and got laughter to your talks. Remember, the game is not just about the answers but the conversations and connections it promotes. Enjoy playing Would You Rather questions for teens with your fellow members.

FAQs on Would You Rather Questions For Teens

What is the objective of playing Would You Rather?

Playing “Would You Rather” is fun to encourage conversations and learn more about each other’s choices. It promotes critical thinking and helps build relations among teenagers.

Are there any age-relevant reviews for questions? 

Confirming that the questions are age-appropriate and sensitive to personal beliefs is necessary. Avoid questions that may be harsh or uncomfortable for players.

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