An interactive system called eduCLIMBER unifies all students’ data onto a single portal. It has built-in tools for tracking, reporting, providing early warning, and elevating system-level change. The meetings module and school groups help make data analysis and teamwork easier. It makes it a practical tool involving both individual and group study efforts. You can attain student success through testing and tracking Tier 1, 2, and 3 activities. With linked workflow tools, move swiftly from data analysis to taking action. So, use a holistic view to make choices about professional growth or at the system level.

Everything to Know About eduCLIMBER

eduCLIMBER is a powerful tool. Explore its features and get an overview of the learning tips to improve your knowledge.

Classroom to District Office

Now, you can eliminate logins and multiple systems. To fully grasp the demands of each student, class, school, and district, fully integrate and connect all available data on a single active platform. The Child Data set includes education, activities, attendance, and school culture. It also covers student plans, attention, and surveys.

Moreover, suitable integration choices are given. So, data collection from courses and students’ data should be automated. You can upload more review info, bring Google Sheets with surveys, and enter events and plans directly.

Track Progress with the Data

Take your work with student, school, and system support to the next level. You can skillfully use all of the child data in your regular work. Also, work jointly to plan services for every student and target early detection. With active reviews of equality and efficacy, you can make system-wide changes. Hence, track your progress toward key goals to ensure you make the right changes all year.

New Level of Efficiency

This software has three notable changes. It can replace the checks, SIS, and behavior tracking with one system. It can analyze the data on one forum, replacing the 12+ systems. Similarly, it takes more than thirty minutes for each student and many logins to compile data. With workflow tools, switch to three minutes per student per data. With analysis of two to three data dives annually, choose a 24/7 alarm system. 

Solutions of eduCLIMBER

This course helps kids develop as a whole. It speeds growth and helps schools, systems, and students make informed choices. MTSS makes academic tracking and screening tests possible. Also, with set criteria, each student’s academic and social-emotional behavior will be known. Math, reading, and SEB progress screening tests for grades K–12 are merged and based on research.

Instead of using the typical twelve data points, they make precise forecasts using just six. During screening, early readers with dyslexic reading issues are placed. Reports and data visuals offer clear solutions. Further, the data and tools for tracking equality specify inequity. Thus, these tools facilitate learning and assist the entire student.

MTSS Management

Intervention Effectiveness

Create the best program possible. You may find a central location for entering, tracking, and assessing the efficacy of SEB, academic, and other actions. It enhances your program and provides active, real-time data, indicating who is on track.

Reviewing a student’s data and growth allows you to decide whether to continue, scale back, or modify a course. Similarly, with unified reporting, you can adjust activities to the demands of all kids. You can record accuracy and other details for each session. So, it also supports Tier 1.

Social, Emotional, and Behavior

Address the SEB needs of every tier and process service from a complete student concept. You can quickly address SEB and academic demands by analyzing SEB, classes, conduct issues, school settings, and SEL surveys. It examines trends by delving deeper into behavior reports in reality.

Besides, monitor and assess how well SEB activities work with specific students, groups, and tactics. You can verify emails sent to the relevant users. Thus, SEB plans are used to promote student help.

Early Warning & Prevention

A flexible early warning system and emails can help you maximize early prevention. So, actively review needs related to presence, conduct, analysis, further data, and adjust notices. Set up email alerts to the right people when students reach various goals.

Likewise, link alerts to the next stage in your process. As a result, teachers can start fixing problems and acting right away. Make sure the kids are on course for key dates. You can find out in real-time. This includes gaps, growth, absences, and more.

Workflow & Collaboration Tools

Apply solutions that enhance and expand present data practices. Recording results is one helpful way to scan student progress in the future. The meeting Module is a unique tool created for data-driven teams. You can also use multi-measure virtual data walls to find and analyze issues.

In addition, it boosts group decisions. You may pin whatever your team needs yearly with just a single click. Within it, you can allot and create tasks and track progress on actual actions. When a user gets a task, methods, and contact are upheld by an email alert.

School Improvement

Measuring Effectiveness & Equity

Assess engaging, long-term data visuals to decide what’s practical. Ensure every kid is learning and effect change where it’s required. Then, the child’s data will be analyzed to promote equity. Decide how to assess it for the entire district. Likewise, analytical tools should be used to study whole kid data to identify and promote change. In this manner, you may note efficacy.

Dashboards & Action Plans

Achieve complete insight with real-time dashboards. Using the built-in tools, you can set goals with your teams, work on items, and set strategic plans for your school. Study further to find trends and track progress toward KPIs and overall goals for changes. Thus, progress is notified to stakeholders.

Final Words

eduCLIMBER is a crucial tool for managing student data. It allows teachers to make informed decisions that improve student growth. Illuminate Education created it. The exact analysis of data enables quality education based on results. To simplify this process, teachers can input data from different tests. It offers a range of services that meet the demands of every student. Also, it simplifies data work. Thus, it ensures teachers keep ahead of planning or progress.


How can I request a demo on eduCLIMBER?

It offers districts and schools real-time display solutions, MTSS, and evaluation. Enter your name, last name, and school to arrange a demo. Then, mention your job, state, contact info, email, and school.

How can I start using eduCLIMBER?

Go to the site or use the portal at your school to log in. If you are a new user, please register. It will provide you with access according to your role. Import student data first, then explore features.

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