ClassTag enables educators and parents to maximize their children’s remote learning. In addition to their primary teaching duties, educators must handle many managerial duties and defend parents’ needs. As a result, when you first start using it, it’s simple for your parents and teachers to get along. They unite to boost student growth. It has access to more tools for the classroom. Thus, student success is the goal it seeks to include in every classroom. Unlike Lumio, which is about creating device-based courses, ClassTag strongly focuses on parent-teacher interaction and communication.

Everything About ClassTag

You can organize many fun and engaging activities for teens using ClassTag.

How Does ClassTag Work?

ClassTag is everything you require to foster teamwork inside your school. It might be hard to bring people together while they are away. But, it offers many options in this regard. It covers notifications, messages, photos, videos, calendars, libraries, parent-teacher meetings, and engagement analytics.

Moreover, teachers and parents can interact with each other with it. Waiting for answers or running the danger of misplaced papers being sent to and from school is no longer an issue. It’s an excellent method of informing parents. Above all this, it is free.

The Online App

Parents do not need to download an app to join the fun. All parents get insightful words via their preferred method. It includes automatic translation into over 100 languages for SMS, email, apps, the web, and print. Also, parents may join with only one simple click using the app.

The Android and iOS apps include data on volunteer options, sign-ups, and events. The Parent-Teacher conference and supplies are the other options. It just has one primary information source. You can share learning moments in the classroom with others. Hence, virtual backpacks, file libraries, films, and messages are used in one location.

Seamless Integration with Google Tools

A handy tool teachers may use to assist in organizing courses is Google Classroom. Google Classroom does routine academic duties, but its involvement features are limited. It’s easy to start a new class on this platform by importing your Google Classroom student list. Here, every family listed on your roster is visible.

In addition, it integrates every Google Tool for connecting with families. You may send YouTube videos and data from Google Drive to family members. Google Meet will also create a meeting link and instantly sync events and meeting hours with Google Calendar. Not even magic messaging requires you to download an app.

An e-Learning Program

Since COVID has turned schooling upside down, it may seem harsh to reach families. With the help of these free family-teacher communication tools, reports might be used for this week’s courses. You can inform families of a critical event. Also, you may quickly add videos to your feed using it.

Moreover, setting up family-teacher conferences is a terrific use of it. Backpacks for students help everyone stay organized. Direct messaging with attachments is an excellent e-learning communication option. Thus, it integrates smoothly with Google’s tools.

Helping Students Thrive with Attendance

Engaging families is simple when there are uniform strategies. Using each family’s preferred channel and language for messaging improves the home and school interaction. You can manage your classroom from a single interface, keeping families informed. So, sending one-to-one contacts, making phone and video chats, and more are a few ways to use it.

Likewise, it reduces the time you spend on paperwork so you may focus on the pupils, such as field trip forms and absence reports. It creates trust with families and a connection between the home and the school. With automatic actions, you can optimize your workflow. It reduces the time you spend scanning the letters by up to 75%. This way, all obstacles can be accessed.

Supporting School Teachers

Raising student attendance, family, and teacher performance is possible. First, save costs by saving time and money. It creates digital logs and reports. You can increase attendance via letters, texts, and emails. It ensures that you connect with all qualified students. However, it provides families with details through logged school-home messages. It is known in more than 130 languages.

Similarly, video chats simplify logistics. While built-in, two-way translated texts and calls reach their phones directly. The letters and postcards are mailed. These reports help you know how well students and schools are doing. Also, the automatic meeting letters make setting up in-person simpler. Thus, it provides digital records that track talks for your educators.

Build and Engage the Learning

Through dialogue, teachers can establish direct links with families in their native tongue. Likewise, everyday attendance has long-term effects. Check your school’s historical patterns and comparisons to see if your efforts are making a difference. Enabling attendance practices raises graduation rates and reduces absence.

Moreover, automatic letters branded with the school’s name can engage families if emails and phone calls are unanswered. It delivers messages to a single person, a class, a grade, a school, a district, or a group. Hence, this positive support enables building trust between families and schools.

Manage and Track Success

District managers may check that their district complies with all data in ClassTag. It uses centralized reporting that interfaces with your SIS. You can discover patterns in attendance and performance. You may also view who is sending out opening messages and contact them as required.

Further, you may view detailed reports and charts. Status observes how a joint strategy for action affects. It explains how your district stacks up against standards and national attendance trends.

Ways to Get Started

To get started, click on login. Enter your first and last name, organization name, and type. Your email, role, and country are mandatory fields. After getting permission, you can access it.


ClassTag is a priceless tool that helps instructors, parents, and students communicate with one another. Its features make managing tasks easier. These include volunteer planning, event planning, and seamless contact. So, it increases student and kid involvement by creating an open setting. With it, educators can quickly establish a lively and unified school community. Apart from all this, it allows students, parents, and teachers to share information, plan events, and reward success accordingly.

FAQs on ClassTag

What are the primary resources for sharing info with teachers and students?

There are various means to share data with students and educators. It includes a small demo video, a flyer, a PowerPoint presentation, and a webinar replay. You can even launch a kit for the school.

Which two subscription alternatives does it provide?

The individual subscription costs $3.99. All services are available without ads. The Classroom Subscription costs $9.99. It also covers the entire classroom, but you can end your subscription anytime.

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