Skipping work at the last possible moment is not a good idea. It may be against the company’s attendance policy or count from your paid time off. Therefore, having solid, convincing, and good reasons to call out of work is usually crucial when you have no other option during crises. So, what constitutes a valid excuse for missing work? Some might believe that injuries or accidents involving family members are the only good reasons to call out of work. However, there are many reasons why you decide to miss work. Thus, it is acceptable to take the time you need to relax.

Good Reasons to Call Out of Work

Let’s look into all the legitimate and good reasons to call out of work.

1- Loss Of A Loved One

The last thing you want to think about when someone you love dies away is work. In addition to allowing yourself to overcome grief, you may also need to take care of funeral-related financial matters. Some firms offer official funeral leave to cover the family’s loss. Further, check the worker’s guide for details. If not, you can directly discuss why you need time off with your manager or HR.

2- Feeling Sick

It’s advised to take a day off to relax if you have a sickness or seasonal allergy. It prevents you from giving your job your whole attention. Recall that working from the ease of your bed does not ensure efficiency. It is a valid reason to miss work if you have symptoms like a cough. So, if you tell your employer you’re feeling very sick, they could even suggest a doctor.

3- Car Trouble

A flat tire is just an example of how annoying vehicle issues can be. Although you can handle these problems until the weekend, you must still replace that tire or file insurance claims as soon as possible. Moreover, you can easily take a few hours off work if your car needs minor repairs. However, you could have to wait much longer if you are involved in an accident on the freeway.

4- Interview Call At A Firm

Random changes can arise during job growth, forcing you to make choices. Imagine getting a call for an interview from a reputed company. It may be a chance to change the course of your career. Before validation, never submit a resignation letter effective immediately. Even with the rush of getting ready for the interview, you can inform your HR for another reason.

5- Last-Minute Doctor’s Appointment

Medical checkups are usually made in advance. However, you may rarely have to consent to a last-minute visit. Suppose the specialist called you in the morning to inform you about their appointment. Likewise, it makes sense if you leave work early to attend that appointment. To get all the help you need, ensure your supervisor knows what is going on.

6- Internet Connection Issues

Working remotely is nearly impossible if you have internet connection issues. Still, go online before you call, using the hotspot on your phone or visiting a nearby cafe offering free WiFi. If bad weather is the reason for your WiFi issues, you might not want to leave your home to utilize the internet. In that case, take the day off and try to go online after the weather clears.

7- Caring For A Pet

An emergency involving your pet is a valid reason to miss work. Your dog may have gone into the trash and eaten something toxic. Or you see that your cat is not eating and is suffering. In addition, you might have to take your pet to a medical treatment or another kind of visit. It’s suitable to give priority to your animals. Hence, your manager will understand if you skip work due to an urgent pet matter.

8- Family Emergency

A decent employer will recognize the importance of family. It implies that calling out during a family emergency is suitable. Various family crises could force you to skip work. It includes a family member who needs urgent surgery or was involved in an accident.

Likewise, you must travel to help families affected by a natural disaster. You must be there for someone who is struggling with mental health concerns to help them. These are just a few cases.

9- Jury Duty

One of the good reasons to call out of work is if you get a jury call in the mail. So, you can request time off as soon as you become aware of its necessity. Moreover, federal law mandates the company provide you with unpaid time off and repay you for those missed days.

10- Unexpected Situation

It’s irritating to accidentally lock yourself out and wait for the extra key or locksmith. Further, a sprained ankle, knee injury, etc., might be justified since they impair your ability to do your job. You may request extra days off if you have a sudden dental accident.

11- A Personal Day

You may be balancing home furnishings with your job schedule or relocating to a new flat. Likewise, you may need a day off for mental health due to a recent set of difficulties. Taking a day for yourself might help you maintain your inner peace.

12- Religious Event

National holidays or religious events are days off in many companies. You can take time off work and spend time with your loved ones on these occasions. Whether your company agrees with it or not, managers will accept your holiday. Thus, they never try to restrict their workers’ freedom of religion, which might lead to legal problems.


Even if you work from home, you’ll find it difficult to be active if you don’t care for your family and health. You can feel bad about missing work. In addition, failing to take time off when required can result in burnout. It can lead to prolonged illness. So, you can have good reasons to call out of work. Access to virtual coaching can help overcome crises, mainly those we don’t foresee.

FAQs on Good Reasons To Call Out Of Work

In what manner could you politely request time off from work?

Make sure your boss and team members understand why you will be absent. You can even notify them when they should expect you back by sending a brief and simple message.

What are some tips on going back to work without getting stressed out?

Even if you’ve planned your vacation for months, returning to work after a break might be difficult. Before you go, write an email outlining the most crucial and good reasons to call out of work. Please list every project you are working on and its status.

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