Guilty pleasures are practices, amenities, or habits that someone indulges in. It is because they make them happy and a little ashamed of themselves. Although you might be embarrassed to admit your guilty pleasures to others, these actions would never be so awful. Even if the idea seems odd, nearly everyone often partakes in guilty pleasures. Thousands of other people could have the same feelings you do. Therefore, you shouldn’t feel bad about spoiling your habits. These guilty pleasure examples might be helpful when you’re having a tough work week or need to block out something hurting you.

Guilty Pleasure Examples

This article compiles the most common guilty pleasure examples. So, you can relate to any of them.

1- Ordering Junk Food

It’s a Thursday night, and the thought of using the leftover items in your fridge to make supper for an hour scares you. Even though you’ve already placed one takeaway order this week, you will look at the list of eateries.

Further, you order the meal and tip 20% even if the delivery costs are high. When a delicious dinner is just a few clicks away, it’s a familiar scenario. Thus, it’s regarded by many as their most expensive guilty pleasure.

2- Too Much Procrastination

One of the most popular guilty pleasures around is delaying your essential work. Try to finish your assignment earlier than the schedule. However, many more people put off doing most of their jobs until the very last minute. Apart from all this, such people let the days go by. Hence, this kind of delay can cause considerable anxiety before a deadline.

3- Binge Watching

Viewing reality TV shows regularly is one of its examples. The appeal of reality programs is difficult to put into words. A low-budget documentary series on the events of a group of strangers cooped up in a house together for two months are stories to watch.

Likewise, a plot where participants are dumped on a remote island is one of the plots. These ridiculous concepts have a certain charm that makes them quite funny. That is most likely why it is such a well-liked guilty pleasure for people of all ages.

4- Stress Eating

Sandwiches, ice cream, or any other form of food have the healing capacity to lift any unhappiness. Consuming two platters of french fries or a half-gallon of ice cream might harm your health. However, while it might result in the highest level of enjoyment, this cure can sometimes get too far. So, eating a plentiful amount of food is a guilty pleasure every day.

5- Sweet Cravings

Every second person is fond of sugar. But why do we have such an intense sugar craving? When we consume sugar, our brain releases dopamine. It is a chemical linked to pleasure and reward. That is why some people overeat sugar. Although it can cause diabetes or weight gain, it is still a guilty pleasure.

6- Social Media Scrolling

Scrolling at someone’s social media activity seems an unlawful activity. But, sometimes, stalking gives a kind of comfort. Even if it can make them uncomfortable, people snoop on others on social media.

Similarly, TikTok is the newest addicting social media socializing app. Its user-friendly layout has made the app popular with many users. Fewer people are pleased with their ability to spend hours surfing around social media.

7- Gossiping About Celebrities

The internet offers never-ending conspiracies to explore. Conspiracy among the most well-known and amusing celebrities is available on different websites. Such conspiracies involve their personal and professional lives.

For example, friends may gossip about Justin marrying Hailey not Selena, or Annie Marie’s new song release date. So, it depends on what material you want to discuss. Thus, it’s easy to waste hours talking about various notable celebrities.

8- Sleeping Late At Night

Sleeping during the entire day might cause stress, but it can also bring about some pleasure. Spending much of the morning in bed is nearly necessary on weekends, sick days, and holidays. So, when people sleep for the whole day, they find it hard to sleep at night.

9- Buying Books, Not Reading

Reading is beneficial to your mental health and inner serenity. Even if some of us pretend to read the assigned books in school, we often purchase books to draw attention to the coffee table. Thus, you can read one of those books someday and find out what a fantastic book it is.

10- Taking Selfies All The Time

Many youngsters have become self-obsessed. They look at their reflection in phone screen cameras and take selfies. Taking a million selfies in a row can look awkward, but it can also be fulfilling for some.

11- Shopping Spree

Many of us are attracted to unplanned shopping excessively, even when our bank accounts are low on dollars. While it might be unable to fulfill stressful situations, it might offer some respite. However, it can cause widespread reliance on this rewarding act.

12- Playing Video Games

Playing video games may often feel like a guilty pleasure, especially when there are other crucial things to attend to. Questions like this most likely arise. It includes, shouldn’t I be having a more engaging activity? However, the appeal of learning, competition, and friendship blurs the gap between leisure and work while playing such games.

13- Listening to Songs All Day Everyday

Captivating music can take hold of your soul at times. It forces you to listen to it repeatedly until you can’t help but learn every rhythm by heart. While listening to a song on repeat can feel fantastic, most listeners aren’t eager to share this habit with others.

Final Thoughts

You may wonder what a guilty pleasure is. It is defined as an activity you wholly love. However, you may feel bad about engaging in or consuming it because it violates your moral or ethical principles. It is seen as impolite or is thought to be a waste of time or money. These guilty pleasure examples lead to the joy of something that makes you feel bad or ashamed about having it. A few key factors majorly affect whether or not anything pleasant is deemed guilty.

FAQs on Guilty Pleasure Examples

Why do we feel guilty while we have a good time?

Guilty pleasures include multiple causes. It involves individual ideals, beliefs, and society’s expectations for creation. Among them are self-discipline goals, fear of criticism, and health and fitness.

Is chocolate considered as food among guilty pleasure examples? 

Chocolate consumption is not only an addictive pleasure. It is a proven scientific route to happiness. People with a sweet tooth everywhere have stated this, and now research confirms it.

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