For some students, there is a dream school that they want to join specifically for higher education. Still, most students have difficulty deciding on a specific university. Selecting the perfect institution can be an exciting and challenging choice. Some may search for medical schools, but others look for the best engineering schools worldwide. Here, WMU is a popular name in almost every field. Since the university rankings are helpful in providing a quick overview of an institute within the academic society, this article is dedicated to the Western Michigan University ranking.

Western Michigan University Ranking

This post will cover Western Michigan University ranking based on various aspects.

Overview of WMU

WMU is a public institute established in 1903. This institute is midway along Detroit and Chicago. It is in the city of Kalamazoo. With 14,397 undergraduate students enrolled overall (2022), it is on a 1,270-acre campus. The yearly events are aligned to the semester system. Likewise, WMU’s rating improved in the 2024 edition.

Further, WMU provides several master’s degree programs and over 140 bachelor’s degrees. In addition to pursuing cultural events, WMU students can become involved by joining 30 fraternities and sororities. This way, they can explore more than 300 student groups or take up their activities.

University Ranking Method

The method has undergone notable updates. It ensures that the 20th edition of the Global University Rankings reflects the current and future outputs. Likewise, it covers a wide variety of research-based institutes worldwide. The performance indicators have been renamed. However, they are still divided into five areas.

Research quality accounts for 30%. It includes citation impact, research strength, merit, and impact. The international outlook covers 7.5% of the population, including staff, students, and research. Also, the industry contains 4.5% of the total with income and patents. The teaching covers 29.5% of the learning setting. Further, the research domain has 29% with volume, revenue, and stature of the total. Thus, allotting data for these metrics must be an exponential element.

Ranking of WMU

WMU is ranked in a broader view among the school’s rankings. Among the national institutes, WMU stands out as number 304 among 439 institutes. Further, in the top public schools, it is ranked 162th number. Here, a PhD with 50 programs is the highest degree awarded. It is tied for #181 in the best bachelor’s engineering programs. Thus, the overall academic outcome at WMU is 52%.

Five Ranked Programs

Five programs from the College of Health and Human Services are ranked in the top 100 in their fields. Rehab counseling at WMU is ranked number 37. Also, speech-language pathology is at number 46. The audiology is at number 48, and all are in a similar order. Occupational therapy is ranked 58, and social work is ranked 77.

Notable, WMU’s ranking as a Top Performer on Social Mobility comes in at 78. Programs offered online were also rated. In 2019, 1,545 online degrees were assessed. WMU was placed 100th for Best Online Graduate Education Programs and 97th for Best Online Graduate Nursing Program.

Comparison of WMU with Other Institutions

WMU arranges peer institutes based on equality in a few classes. It includes sector, year, and prior degree type. Bachelor’s and master’s degrees also matter with the enrollment profile.

Moreover, the total research costs and the number of PhD degrees granted also matter at WMU. So, there are a few mentioned colleges. Ball State, East Carolina, and Kent State University are among many institutes.

Western Michigan University Ranking in Times

WMU was ranked 1001 in the World University Rankings by Times Higher Education 2004. So, the rank improved in 2024. In 2022-2023, the order was enhanced to 1201. According to QS WUR, the WMU ranking is 1001 from 2022-2024.

In addition, WMU has an entry rate of 84.6%. 85 out of every 100 forms are accepted. That implies a low level of selection at the school. Thus, WMU updates the expected GPA and SAT/ACT scores yearly.

U.S. News Rankings Based on 15 Criteria

The U.S. News report admitted WMU as the top institution in Michigan on July 30, 2017. It is also ranked among the top 100 national colleges by the U.S. Journal. The factors include social mobility, analysis, and public service.

Likewise, fifteen factors make up the overall U.S. News rankings. It includes literary status, retention rates, and student-faculty ratios. Class sizes, faculty aids, and student test scores are also among them.

Ranked Among Colleges for Future Leaders

WMU is among the top 100 finest colleges for Future Leaders based on TIME ranking. The elite ranking ranks WMU as 79 nationally. It is ranked number 3 in Michigan while hiring managers from WMU.

WMU Haworth’s Center for Principled Leadership and Business Strategy evaluates students. They apprise them about the abilities H.R. values most. It includes problem-solving skills, teamwork, and leadership.

Why Choose WMU?

You will become a distinct person as a part of this WMU. They identify the dreams that inspire you. So, they compel you to study. In this sense, you get a degree in pursuit of meaning, which WMU offers. Here, knowledge gives you power, and well-being fortifies you. Hence, your research-based learning results in a promising career.

Strategies to Improve Western Michigan University Ranking

There are several ways by which it ensures a higher ranking. It creates a unique, positive, and success-oriented learning setting. The goal is to foster creative learning, inquiry, and service.

WMU aims to extend its status as a PhD campus. This can be done by raising research actions. It should be aligned with the CC standards. Besides, it supports a fair and varied campus culture to ensure equality and mobility.


Mainly, highly rated colleges are famous globally. It suggests that learners from these schools have had better learning through the programs. Students can get better chances to work with peers, alumni, and experts in the future. Enrolling in the top institution makes them leaders in their fields. It is visible from their rankings, i.e., Western Michigan University ranking. So, pick a school where you are at ease and can engage with new people.

FAQs on Western Michigan University Ranking

What other rating criteria matter when viewing Western Michigan University ranking?

Consider your financial support system when studying abroad. It may involve looking into grants, scholarships, and part-time jobs. Some notable colleges can provide financial help. Still, it’s vital to consider the college as a whole.

How are individual choices and WMU ratings related?

Rankings don’t take your priorities or choices into account. The institute deemed the best by one may not be the ideal choice for another. The location, activities, and support services affect your overall experience of the student.

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