The grades 6-12 students can reach the standards for college and careers by extending their reading progress with Lexia PowerUp. This program focuses on the science of reading skills. You can start gaining learning with a focus on word study, grammar, and cognition. It is five times more effective than the typical middle school reading program. Also, the subjects offer targeted and self-assured literacy teaching. With it, more students can easily read, write, and talk. Reading-based literacy keys assist every student and teacher. Hence, schools link teachers’ skills with effective schooling aids. It includes learning material, curriculum, and evaluation tools.

Lexia PowerUp

Lexia PowerUp helps tutors and students develop skills by providing valuable reading solutions.

Unlock Academic Potential

Students in grades 6-12 focus on growing their reading skills. However, studies have shown a gap in learning for decades. Roughly one-third of eighth-grade students read at or above the required level. Several students can achieve their whole academic level if most high school courses are offered through reading.

Also, it answers reading-based queries. The experts create personal learning for each student. So, it targets their specific skill gaps and affects their grades and reading ability. Students rapidly improve their literacy. They can gain critical skills with this practice.

Engage Students and Tutors

PowerUp offers students a suitable learning event. It adapts to their skills and limits, recalling their time. Likewise, it reduces the time it takes for students to begin grade-level abilities. Its primary teaching method improves student learning and offers rewards.

Similarly, it saves teachers up to a month of classroom time. It gives them the insights they need to grasp their students’ skill levels. Then, the teachers make action plans for them. No matter their area of study, teachers deliver the proper education.

Improved Outcomes

This program makes one of the most reliable secondary literacy plans. It is five times more thriving than the typical high school reading program. Likewise, students may gain several years of revision with an academic plan. Thus, it affects equal results across all groups of students.

Lexia PowerUp Key Features

It is one of the unique literary tools for several reasons. This program speeds up the learning process of reading for a wide range of kids. In addition, it inspires them to aim for grade-level skills. Real-time and tailored student skills can result in quicker reading. Thus, teachers save time with this progress tracking, which extends the present learning.

Solutions by Topic

For the past 40 years, its main goal has been to deliver literacy options. It offers answers from undone tasks to learning. To speed up learning, it honors the students’ legacy. This program raises the bar for district-wide skilled learning in reading.

Further, it answers queries like how instructors may obtain data instantly and how to speed up learning. Schools take benefit of all available finances to solve issues. It can improve our MTSS or RTI programs and speed learning. Thus, it can address teaching for every student.

Solutions by Audience

Lexia PowerUp ensures that teachers and students have enough educational help. It increases fairness in teaching. Tutors are more confident in their students’ potential to reach their goals. Here, subject planners may support kids with proven methods.

Moreover, teachers and students will find this strategy reliable. It is the ideal partner to support teachers in advancing academics for all. It includes meetings as well as valuable methods. It meets every student’s demand for reading. Hence, it is valuable for all students.

Different Curriculum

Lexia Core5 Reading is based on the science of reading. It speeds up students’ reading abilities and aids in their crucial shift from learning to reading. Also, a flexible learning program is called Lexia English Language Development.

Besides, it enables bilingual kids to learn the English language through chats. Listening, talking, and grammar in sciences, math, history, and bios are all merged into the topic. Also, Voyager Passport is a reading program for grades K–5. It offers vast teaching in all five elements of reading.

Professional Learning

Lexia LETRS is an extensive career training course created to provide educators and high school students with in-depth details. A grasp of phonics, word use, learning, and written words is essential for reading and writing.

Further, this program is created by literacy experts and Dr. Louisa Moats. It is a flexible and self-paced digital program. For grades 4-8, teachers can quickly help students’ literacy progress.

Literary Method

Literacy is possible for the majority of students. This course is centered on a method, experience, and credit for every reading learner. By doing this, we ensure literacy for everyone we serve. It is reserved for guiding evidence-based studies.

So, it informs the design of an effective reading program. It is a custom course that teaches the depth of the solutions. Thus, it develops learners’ ties by improving teachers’ capacity to impart literacy codes.

Customer Success

Every classroom, school, and product use is unique. It offers the best support for district or school-specific goals to get the finest results possible. Students receive extra work and a loyal tutor at every step of the journey.

Apart from all this, it offers over two decades of experience. This experience is gained from 360,000 coaches, 6.7 million students, and 23,000 schools. Also, they are actively utilizing Lexia products in the country. A customer success team, staffing services, and a support center with learning videos are provided.

Final Thoughts

Lexia PowerUp Literacy improves learning for students in grades 6-12. Likewise, its proven literacy solutions can boost students’ and teachers’ grip on their skills. It is roughly five times more thriving than the typical primary school course. Strong reading abilities are vital to students’ learning in secondary school subject areas. The program text also accounts for 85% of material delivery. So, this literacy enables students to reach their fullest potential in learning.

FAQs on Lexia PowerUp

What steps can be taken to improve the access of this system?

The Lexia access task group is in charge of improving the standards. It extends existing product reviews and designs roadmaps to increase focus. This strategy is used to evaluate better and focus on growth needs. The subject matter is still being tested and validated at intervals.

Does Lexia PowerUp provide services for execution?

Teams should perform unique literacy goals via a quantifiable, long-lasting enactment to achieve optimal results for your school or district. Here, the teacher actively advises and supports the team yearly. It includes starting training, data coaching, and growth reviews.

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