Because of its accessibility, devotion, and expertise, Scholastic Book Wizard is the world’s biggest publisher of kid’s books, bringing teachers and families together. It is also a top supplier of class journals, expert support, literacy curriculum, and instructive books for kids. Currently serving 3.8 million teachers, it is present in 115,000 schools. These creative books and activities foster creativity and an interest in the visual arts. Children can access high-quality books through book fairs, packs, and trade. Digital initiatives, class events, and literacy education also motivate students. As a result, it always strives to ensure that its business practices benefit teachers, parents, schools, and even the local communities.

All About Scholastic Book Wizard

Like WriteReader, Scholastic Book Wizard is a useful tool for teachers. It suggests books based on students’ interests and reading abilities.

How to Use Scholastic Book Wizard?

To view the levels for each grade level:

  1. Enter a title into the search bar.
  2. Remember that each child is unique and will complete each level at their own pace. You can find books that appeal to you by getting suggestions for a range or degree of reading.
  3. Select Guided Reading after Reading Level.

Further, you can use the drop-down options to choose a level or range of levels. Choose topics and genres that interest you, then watch the video. Click on other themes to add more books to your list. Based on your findings, you’ll get a list of books in your library.

Select The Reading Level Of The Book

The instructor will likely conduct a test to assess your child’s reading skills at the start of the year. It’s simple to determine a book’s reading level by its contents. Further, you can get details on several leveling systems by visiting the Product Details section.

A few more creative tips can help you decide whether a book suits your child’s reading level. Text structure, matter, topic, complex sentences, vocabulary, phrases, and illustrations can all be the basis.

Motivate Students To Read

Teachers know that some kids have already decided not to read in class. For years, an at-home reading incentive program called Reading for Rewards has been used in third-grade classes. This software is easy to implement. At a class meeting, start the program by explaining to the students that you will reward them for reading with Big Bucks.

Moreover, students who choose to participate complete a reading calendar that is due each month. They keep track of their reading alone or with their parents. Thus, these activities are all reward-worthy. School reading doesn’t work that way.

Choose From The Catalog

The catalog is divided into five main categories. Education Solutions and Magazines+ are for PreK to 12 grades. Summer Learning is for PreK-9, and Teaching Solutions is for PreK-8. However, professional learning is created for specific students. So, select according to your interests and reading level.

Impact on Student’s Performance

While teachers and parents are working together to speed up learning, it is critical to identify effective methods for creating reading habits. For the previous two years, many kids have had their education interrupted, which affected learning.

Reading aloud to children for at least 20 minutes daily can build fluency and vocabulary and promote a deeper insight in kids. In addition, regular readers perform better in school in all fields, not just reading. Thus, make reading a communal activity, set goals, and allow kids to select their books.

Reasons For Teachers Using It

Book Wizard is perfect for both beginner and skilled teachers. It simplifies finding, grading, and purchasing books for every student. Among many, the first reason is that it is an invaluable resource that may be used for free. With its improved quiz function, the new aspect simplifies finding books even more.

Further, with the aid of Book Wizard, you may create a varied collection of books spanning several genres and subjects. You may locate books by level, grade, subject, genre, and more. Therefore, teachers and students alike find great pleasure in its suggestions.

Summer Learning With It

This tool specializes in summer learning. Regardless of the format of the reading program, they provide a way to help you learn more quickly. Likewise, for students in PreK–12, these best-selling take-home book packs offer year-round chances to study and improve reading skills.

Such programs focus on creating engaging courses that improve kids’ reading, writing, and math abilities. LitCamp uses an exciting summer camp format combined with research-based teaching, improving overall well-being.

Back-to-School Resources

These resources are divided into three types. Grade-level collections include collections of various topics, levels, and genres. Further, teaching collections include topics on student activities or teacher guides. In instructional libraries, teachers teach in the libraries with supporting materials.

Books and Activities To Inspire Creativity

For young learners to grow and succeed within and outside your school setting, they must be allowed to have fun learning in novel ways. They will be more engaged and start expressing their creativity in other areas of learning and life. They will also utilize their creative abilities to tackle new subjects or revisit old ones.

Moreover, inspire even more creativity in your classroom by providing your students’ ideas with these three books and activities. Creatrilogy Series + Draw Your Mark-like Self-Portraits, Perhaps a Bear Ate It! + Lost and Found Prospects are included. Cartoon Strip, Tar Beach, and Dreams Come True Message Board are also included.

Scholastic Book Wizard App For Android

Scholastic’s library of over 50,000 children’s books is accessible via the Book Wizard mobile app. This tool is already used by hundreds of thousands of tutors via the website. But it is quite convenient on mobile phones.


The Scholastic Book Wizard is crucial for parents, teachers, and students. It fosters a love of reading and helps literacy grow by providing personal book suggestions that match reading levels and interests. Moreover, its broad database and easy-to-use interface make it simple. It even helps to locate the ideal book for any reader. Using this tool could drastically enhance outcomes for learning and reading events, making it a priceless benefit to any school.

FAQs on Scholastic Book Wizard

Can Scholastic Book Wizard publish my book?

Publishers, including Scholastic, generally refuse to publish informal proposals. They consider them vague and a copy of another writer’s work. So, most submissions come from writers with prior publishing history or references in this field.

What is the salary of Scholastic writers?

The writer can expect to pay between $69K and $128K annually. Scholastic’s basic pay for authors is $91K on average annually. The average yearly income might come from commission, profit-sharing, stock, or cash bonuses.

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