With ThingLink, you can easily build virtual and engaging courses and experiences. As a user, uncover the 360-degree media, pictures, videos, 3D models, or real-world items, bridging the gap between the digital and real worlds. With a global user base, the product suite facilitates future education. It has recently started providing learning creators AI-assisted tools, a new virtual reality app, and LMS access. These tools support the creation of digital storytelling abilities in K–12 and higher education. It provides engaging and relevant learning options such as virtual trips and multimedia materials. Thus, it successfully prepares students for a world that is shifting rapidly.

In comparison to Whiteboard.fi, which facilitates group tasks, ThingLink stresses content mobility. Both sites effectively perform separate but similar functions in academic and skilled contexts.

ThingLink is used by millions of users from various drives to increase learning outcomes swiftly. Its easy-to-learn editor takes only minutes to master, saving time, effort, and assets. It blends hotspots into 360/VR, 3D, and picture models to create a fun setting. It is scalable because it can handle massive content, users, security, and support.

Further, you can monitor and view progress and completion scores for each learner. Its visual media is uniform with any LMS or website. It connects with Google, Microsoft, Canvas, Canva, and many other outlets. For all age groups, it greatly boosts learning routine and efficiency.

For Teachers And Students

It is an educational aid for students with various reading and language abilities.

Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning can be created and tracked with ease. Similarly, it helps learners use and integrate various media formats in the class, at home, or on the go. With its mobile apps, you can enjoy all the perks of immersive learning on any mobile.

Alter Learning Projects

It is perfect for any subject-specific project learning strategy. Its user-friendly editor features a unified and easy drag-and-drop interface, supporting student-based learning. Kids can produce active content of the highest caliber and record their lessons. Thus, online quizzes, papers, and links can assess their learning and growth.

Skybox Integration

Teachers and students can create virtual tours and play literary contexts with the novel Skybox. Point-and-click games and escape rooms can gamify and add effort to the learning process.

Competency and Skills

Virtual tours are the perfect solution when students cannot access actual events. They can learn more about events in person. Online settings are made with 360° images and videos to build contextual awareness and academic terms. It offers active learning in far-off places, cultures, offices, and unique social contexts.

Moreover, it is the basic tool for creating VR training real-world shots. You can create and share virtual tours and events anywhere using any device. Turn on VR mode to watch with a VR headset. Hence, it creates skills that are gained in reality.

Scenario Builder

Scenario Learning is useful for training students in technical and soft skills. Students use role-play and problem-based learning in a secure setting to improve their decisions, problems, and critical thinking. This method improves knowledge retention through active learning. It prepares students for practical events. Further, using its Scenario Builder is the simplest method to create scenarios for any target. Thus, learner stats give you the ability to track every decision.

Learning For Vocational Centers

This platform impacts trainees by showing the career options of vocational education. It handles the students’ inability to make informed and expert decisions. Besides, it can result in a mismatch between their skill sets and interests. This is because of a lack of data about certain careers and in-demand skills. It assures that the content aligns with the means of the industry.

One way to save time is to do onsite training, which takes time. Likewise, it displays plans, modern labs, and training centers. It designs space-limited site visits or field trips. It even lowers the price of making engaging content. Thus, trainers merge it into their education programs.

Benefits for Higher Education

This website cheaply develops realistic and relevant learning content that instantly attracts learners. Use virtual tours of the facilities to connect with more potential students. You can create unique products with what you already have to interest students. So, using the camera on your device, you can quickly create amazing 360-degree tours, trips, or virtual labs.

In addition, it is a way to reduce the time spent creating by sharing and working jointly with others. Create virtual labs to alert science students to rare, delicate, or possibly harmful sources. These options can promote diversity for all students. Making virtual field trips can save staff time and travel time. Hence, by knowing the learning demands, you can improve your learning.

Certified Trainers Program

Teachers, corporate coaches, educators, and anyone using technology to enhance learning and growth would find it a wonderful fit. Finish a brief course consisting of extra modules. As a multimedia portfolio or resume, submit by defining yourself. Send in your work, which shows a learning resource you have used or may use for training.

Besides, submit a brief video in which you discuss the learning tool you used. You must outline its academic base and benefits for learning. It could be provided by itself or placed in a tag. Recertify by uploading a new link each year. Thus, with a brief use case description, highlight its benefits.

Pricing Plans

The education and business plan varies. The academic ones have four further plans. Small School costs $600 a year, paid yearly. One account can hold 200 student creators and up to 10 teachers. Medium School joins up to 500 student makers and 25 tutors. For this, $1,500 is charged annually. The Unlimited Bundle charges $2,500 annually and provides limitless access to ThingLink. But the school district makes the content tool for your division’s schools.


A collection of online narrative tools called Thinglink aims to speed up learning. One of the best ways to increase student learning during class is to work alongside them to create an active graphic. Students can show and convey their insights using various media, including text, audio, video, pictures, and graphics. Students create prior data, reports, and intricate digital records as a team, which affects their mental ability on the topic.

When a free trial period expires, what happens to the account?

You will need to purchase an upgrade to your account to continue using it after the 60-day trial period expires. Unless you upgrade, you cannot publish the content you made during the trial once it has ended.

Does ThingLink have an offline download option?

The content can be saved offline on a PC as part of our offline desktop viewing program. The internet link cannot be viewed as an offline file when weak or nonexistent.

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