Waggle is a solution for additional maths and ELA in grades K-8. Waggle Math provides adaptive, specific, guided practice and education with continuous formative evaluation. It promotes growth by providing personalized practice and teaching at all levels. This tool improves training by providing engaging practice at a suitable moment for each student. Teachers gain broad, real-time knowledge about skill mastery and student development. Likewise, students receive tasks automatically in a learn, practice, and play format. They practice in an adaptive setting and receive educational games as a reward for their efforts. Thus, it helps every student improve their skill competency.

Waggle Math

Just like Boddle Math, Waggle Math strives to improve math learning by engaging students and personalizing content. Educators may select the platform that best suits their teaching goals and student needs.

For Grade K-2

Students in grades K–2 can strengthen basic skills. Its lively, dynamic figures spark learners’ minds and increase motivation and engagement. Students like captivating, age-appropriate courses. The curriculum includes modular avatars, badges, and awards. Each lesson includes social and emotional learning and tips. It lets the students engage in math with different games. Thus, phonics and phonetic teaching promote fluency.

For Grades 3-5

Students in grades 3-5 can discuss how to reward effort and make learning enjoyable. Games are used to motivate and test students. Inventive bilingual help and Spanish education foster a positive attitude. The can-do attitude among kids also improves. Further, the classes begin with clear learning videos with real-world uses.

For Grades 6-8

It can help lead students to merit in grades 6-8. Adaptive practice helps kids achieve standards and skill competency to prepare for high school and beyond. Combining activities fosters long-term mastery of learning and abilities. So, it targets essential 21st-century skills and fosters critical thinking. This precise change keeps students within their areas of intrinsic growth.

Basic Features

This program guides students to mastery at a complete skill level. It provides kids with the proper mathematical task at the right time. Hence, it results in progress in number sense, operations, algebraic reasoning, geometry, and other areas. It even boosts students’ confidence. Likewise, it prepares them for standardized exams. In this case, it provides a set of ELA tasks covering core abilities.

Practice Sessions

Waggle Math will directly match practice sessions with each element of your HMH core course. Using Waggle with HMH Math allows teachers to identify and split specific materials easily. It contains an integrated table of contents. At the same time, students are actively directed toward suitable activities. It even backs math program concepts. It consists of HMH Into Math, GO Math, Math Terms, and Math in Focus for grades K-8.

Growth Mindset

You can develop an attitude of growth in math. Experts devise math programs. They have impacted mentality, career growth, and other areas. Modern digital tools and skills-practice materials use various digital methods. Apart from all this, they ensure that every learner achieves math growth. As kids develop mathematical fluency and skills, they can see themselves excelling in math.

Math Solution to Each Grade

Math curriculum, extra practice, service, and coaching are all available in one spot. That is the strength of HMH’s integrated teaching and learning. Start by selecting your grade level. It covers grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12. You can find the best math solution for your needs. Go Math engages learners at all levels. Also, you can use Math 180 to create problem solvers. It even contains a Benchmark Assessment for NWEA MAP Growth.

Curriculum and Guides

The core math curriculum of Waggle Math covers several subjects. Arriba las Maths, K-8, Go Math!, K-6, or Into Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, 8-12, and Into Math, K-8 are among them. It also includes Math Expressions, PreK-6, Math in Focus, K-8, and more. Supplemental subjects are also offered. They include Classcraft and Waggle, K-8. The intervention has two courses: Math 180, 5-12, and more.

Live Online Courses enable teachers to create a performance strategy that works for them. Teachers can choose a course series. It covers three to six-hour modules and a one-hour session with an HMH coach. The separate modules aid in creating a learning plan. Courses can be bought in bundles or as an add-on to an annual coach membership.

Professional Growth for Math Teachers

Waggle Math offers four basic programs. The HMH Coaching Membership lets teachers receive tailored academic help from skilled coaches. It includes coach guidance, whether offered live online or in person. Flexible scheduling aligns with the PLC or PD plan. You will receive access to HMH’s award-winning Coaching Studio. It allows teachers to engage with coaches and associates. 

HMH’s Learning Platform, Ed, provides unlimited practical support, including Teacher Success Pathways. Teachers get active, hands-on help. HMH subscriptions provide yearlong access to Teacher’s Corner in Education. Some professional learning benefits tutors. Teacher’s Corner supports new teachers starting at any time of year. It hosts live events, including program experts, education think leaders, and stirring speakers.

Login Steps

You must first complete a few tasks to log in to this program. Students can access it by logging in using the credentials of the teacher or district IT staff. Be careful to update the district details on the original Sign-in page. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll have access to Waggle. You can also go directly to the site. In that case, you can enter your email address and password. Then, you can sign up there if you don’t already have an account.


Waggle Math is a customized learning site that boosts student interest and skill progress in math. It also caters to each student’s unique needs with fun animated characters. This program delivers basic phonics teachings and dynamic change. Apart from all this, it uses real-world word problems and engaging stories. It provides ample feedback to make math interesting and meaningful. This initiative has outstanding results, with many kids meeting or exceeding planned NWEA Map math testing growth.

FAQs on Waggle Math

Can teachers monitor students’ progress in the Waggle math program?

Yes, teachers can check students’ progress on it. The tool covers advanced reporting and analytics tools. It enables teachers to track individual student growth, identify areas of deficiencies and strengths, and customize lessons correctly.

What other topics does Waggle cover other than math?

Waggle facilitates ELA study by providing a set of tasks spanning various topics. It covers basic abilities, fluency, vocabulary, reading grasp, language rules, and writing. So, it prepares students for standard tests and even increases their trust in ELA abilities.

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