Are you looking for fall activities for kids, when the leaves are falling and the weather is clean? Fall is here, so planning warm, vibrant, harvest-themed events is the classic time. It is a great season to create pumpkin crafts and repaint them with fiery red, orange, and yellow. You can even go outside stargazing. With these teen activities, you can create a backdrop of memories. So, enjoy nature’s simple joys to organize the ideal getaway with your family. Get ready to enjoy fall activities for kids with an exciting plan, cooler temps, and seasonal shifts.

Fall Activities for Kids

This article covers fantastic fall activities for kids, such as craft projects, educational activities, and experiences.

1- Go Apple Picking

Take your family to one of the amazing apple orchards. It’s the ideal fall activity. They provide apple-picking activities and an orchard, among other activities. Stop by the country shop, which sells handcrafted apple pies, cider, fresh apples, and jams. So, it offers seven other types besides popular choices like Fujis and Galas.

2- Throw a Themed Party

Organize a themed party in such a vibrant season. It can be a monster party or a woods celebration. Enjoying the pleasant weather while it lasts is the ideal way to celebrate fall. Thus, there is no better way than in your backyard.

3- Enjoy Halloween Activities

Use any adorable DIY Halloween costume ideas and start working on them early. Treats for Halloween can also be made. Thus, play scary games and go ghost bowling to get into the Halloween spirit.

4- Explore Fall Colours

Stroll around the natural areas or visit the incredible spots to see the trees changing color. You can drive to the peaceful route enclosed by tree canopies. Remember to ride a bike or go horseback riding along.

5- Head to Pumpkin Patch or Decorate it

Locate the closest pumpkin patch and enjoy outdoor fall activities for kids. It includes petting zoos, farmer’s markets, corn mazes, and daily hay rides. The best part is that you may choose the largest pumpkin to carve for Halloween and bring it home with your group. You can even paint to create a Dracula, tiger, or sugar skull on the pumpkin. It will make you scream with joy.

6- Try Face Painting

Let’s engage in some fictitious activity. Try to do this in any face painting class and dress up your child in various characters. A zombie doll, a butterfly, a little lion, a unicorn, a mermaid, or a bunny are among them. You can create amazing face painting by watching some tutorial videos.

7- Make Some Hot Chocolate

Grab a huge mug of hot chocolate with maple. Try this hot chocolate with a syrupy-sweet vanilla twist for a traditional winter beverage. Or, if you want to get into the spirit of the occasion, try the adorable hot chocolate pudding ghosts. Hence, give your children this creamy ghostly delight to make them happy.

8- Play Indoors

Some fun games may be played indoors if the weather is too cold to play outside. Try out the pencil-and-paper indoor games; they’re more entertaining than TV. These magnetic building kits are a great option if your kids enjoy using popsicles for building. Further, card games are a great way to stimulate young minds and pass the time indoors for hours.

9- Get Cozy and Read

Get comfortable on the couch and read a new book aloud. Warm up under warm covers while you read a thrilling story. It will lead you to adventures at another level. The pleased aura of fall will improve your reading experience. It creates a memory of shared reading exploration.

10- Go to a Haunted House

You can visit a haunted home in the neighbourhood. Better yet, decorate your house with Halloween. Feel the thrills as you walk the gloomy spaces and encounter ghastly surprises. Likewise, decorate the garden with strange signs, creepy sound effects, and surprises around every turn. Allow your imagination to go wild as you build a thrilling event.

11- Go on a Shopping Spree

Head to the mall to prepare your child for the upcoming cold winter. Let your kids shop for fall basics such as coats and scarves. Thus, picking up your snowsuit and winter boots is also time well spent.

12- Make Thanksgiving Crafts

Make any of the adorable holiday crafts from leftovers for Thanksgiving. It will keep kids occupied while you prepare the dinner. Gather beautiful leaves on an autumn walk, preserve them, and hang them in the room. Paper pumpkins are a fun team project where kids can fold them, and parents can glue them. The fall-themed bottles will keep the little ones engaged.

13- Make a Pot of Chill

Nothing suggests the fall season is like a bowl full of chilli. Try the lentil chilli. You can twist a fresh classic with a delicious chilli mac dish that the whole family will enjoy. Allow your kids to help you in the kitchen with side tasks.

14- Go on a Picnic or Scavenger Hunt

Enjoy the fall days and beautiful colours with a picnic. You can play sports with your kids or try one of the kid-friendly picnic meals. Further, get your family active by gathering colourful leaves, pinecones, and other fall-themed items. As a bonus, you will have a stunning backdrop. So, use what you find outside to make natural crafts.

15- Paint Pinecones

It is two fall activities for kids in one way. Send the kids out to collect the nicest pinecones. Then, you can decorate with paint, sparkles, glitter, or beads. It is also an excellent time to create the ideal Halloween centrepiece.


It’s time to enjoy all of the comforts of the fall season, which offers various fall activities for kids. The air grows crisp, and the leaves display their vibrant hues. It’s the ideal setting for making happy memories with the kids. This list of autumnal activities will provide plenty of amusement. Still, it has many learning chances combined with enjoyment for the kids. There is something for every kid to enjoy here.

FAQs on Fall Activities for Kids

What are the ways to ensure that these outdoor fall activities for kids are safe?

When enjoying outdoor fall activities for kids, ensure they are dressed properly for the weather. Put sunscreen if needed, and look for any hazards in the activity areas. Keep a close eye on them when hiking.

What are some suitable kid-friendly educational fall activities?

Kids can do scientific projects using fall-themed items like leaves and acorns. They can also learn about harvest seasons by visiting farms and attending fall festivals, such as academic exhibits. Finally, they can read fiction about the fall and its marvels.

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