Duolingo for Schools is a research-based platform with high-quality, individualized courses. These courses are added to classroom education so that students may interact with them inside and outside the school setting. It enables students to study through fun, gamified activities. While refining your real-world communication abilities, you’ll gain points and be able to access new levels as you play. This platform was redesigned was redesigned with enhanced features in 2021. The classroom dashboards enable teachers to set tasks and monitor student progress. Thus, Duolingo for Schools makes it easy to form a learning habit with game features and fun challenges.

Duolingo for Schools

This article considers the features, various tools, and activities of Duolingo for schools.

Features of Duolingo for Schools

Using the broad curriculum, this platform allows you to select content that suits your teaching needs. Courses adjust to the level and speed of each student. You can utilize the finest of AI and linguistic science. Students value its active game-like features.

Moreover, you can get specific details on your students’ progress as a teacher. It enables teachers to monitor their student’s routines, which is useful for formative classroom assessments. Likewise, the Teacher Dashboard details each student’s language learning activities.

Manage Classrooms

You can log in to your account and create as many classrooms as required to get started. Class codes, URLs, or email invites can be used to invite students. Students can also verify accounts and ask parents to monitor their progress.

Further, once the classes are set up, you can monitor who has joined. As a tutor, send login details again to students who have declined your invitation. You can even change the classroom name and the courses the students interact with.

Create Assignments

Known for its game-like training, Duolingo is the most widely used language learning tool. It is certain to attract the attention of your class. Users can complete tasks on this platform, such as finishing a lesson or reading a story. After that, they receive experience points or XP.

The vibrant circles that make up Duolingo Skills include grammar and vocabulary. Every skill consists of several courses or exercises focusing on different topic areas. So, you can give kids specialized Duolingo Skills to add to your curriculum.

View Student Activity

Data on assignment status and activity end at the class and student levels are visible on the Students page. It offers insights that will support the lesson. Each student’s weekly XP earnings and the amount of time they have spent learning are trackable. Further, you can view the info on each student. It includes a count of homework turned in on time or late and a feed of all the tasks they have finished.

Professional Development

The teaching resources listed here will help you utilize and enable you to teach others how to use this platform. It provides free software to help you improve your kids’ schooling. It has an overview of the teacher dashboard. You can download the Quick Start Guide.

Moreover, you can also view the different slides linked to it. These include PPTs on account setup, engaging students in your teaching, and making and directing tasks. You can also cover slides on settings or the student tab.

The Student Experience

Assignments are available on the right side of the screen for students who log into this platform online. All work and activities they perform on any device will track their progress on the due date. For schools, this is only the initial phase of Duolingo for Schools.

Likewise, the staff works hard to provide tutors with major upgrades and new features. To keep up with the most recent updates, visit the Help Center’s News and Updates area. To start your lessons, go to the website and start your study.

Tools for Teachers and Students

Tutors can utilize tools such as Support for English Language Learners. There are tools for language practice, Google Classroom headers, and an expert development note catcher. It has a podcast guide for teachers and classroom currency. A certificate of success honors the growth of the learner.

Further, students may access lesson practice sheets, unit guide notes, and worksheets. Extra help is provided via a wording page, a check-in sheet, and a choice board. Thus, these tools will make language learning active, exciting, and useful.

Play Fun Games

Fun activities are available at schools here. These consist of group activities like Pass It On. Here, students work together to create chats or tales. Catch All turns learning a language into an exciting game: the bingo boards and the customized board cover general subjects.

Moreover, Guess the Words offers word-based challenge games. The Messenger and Bonfire promote cross-cultural dialogue. The Kanji Sudoku Board provides another original take on the Sudoku puzzle. It uses Kanji characters to bridge logical thinking with words.

Diverse Activities

Listening to notes for the podcast might help you improve your speaking. For English speakers studying French, follow the podcast guide with E2-E6 episodes. Also, utilize classroom discussion topics, icebreaker queries, and ways to replay stories. This will enhance your social abilities.

In addition, reading a S or writing a story improves both writing and reading abilities. Blog notes and comprehension tests help readers retain written material. Even writing your story is a creative exercise. It will enhance your writing abilities with Frayer model templates.

Brain Breaks

During class, brain breaks allow students to recharge and focus. There is a cognitive basis for these brief, strategic pauses, which have the power to improve students’ learning. You will get the brain break exercises with a Duolingo theme.

It includes word searches, Duo exercise cards, and Walk and Talk starters. Art prompts and coloring pages allow kids to express themselves. Teachers create a practical educational setting by using these breaks with scientific support.


Duolingo for Schools provides a free, enjoyable, customized experience to improve language learning, even for users of Google Play and the App Store. Teachers can monitor student progress and oversee class via its dashboard. The platform fosters student involvement and a passion for linguistic study through custom courses and game-like features. If students already use it, you can quickly set up new accounts and import data from existing accounts to maintain student progress. A global society of Duolingo educators is linked to this platform.

FAQs on Duolingo for Schools

What distinguishes the original Duolingo platform from the school level?

The Duolingo language training program has a free admin level called Duolingo for Schools. It gives you visibility into and authority over your students’ Duolingo sessions.

In what ways does it vary from other language-learning apps?

Due to its free approach and emphasis on gamification and tailored instruction, it is comparable to other programs like Babbel, which charge a monthly fee. Progress tracking ensures the curriculum satisfies students’ needs by aligning it with learning standards.

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