No matter how far technology has come, books have always been a part of our lives and will always have value. Through different subjects and materials, books provide us with inspiration and education. However, not all students can buy them because typical printed books can be pricey. In this scenario, free textbook websites are quite useful as they provide books free of cost. Globally, these scholarly websites are becoming quite popular. It enables convenient and economical access to all kinds of educational material. So, these free textbook websites provide content in various formats while providing learning at ease.

Free Textbook Websites

Free textbook websites, like instructional platforms such as BrainPOP, ABCya, and PebbleGo, are rich in knowledge. Exploring these kinds of materials can improve students’ learning.

1- Saylor Academy

Saylor Academy is more than just an online resource for textbooks. The website offers online marketing, blogging, social media, and over 100 free courses to more than 30 partner institutions. Most of the content may be found online under the Resources section.

Further, the academy provides a bookshelf website with many resources. These are now offered as PDF files and HTML versions. Students with completely different majors have access to distinct courses. This website helps students reduce their costs.

2- Bookboon

If you are a business major or are a student studying many STEM or business topics, Bookboon is a terrific site to look for free online textbooks. More than 1,000 college textbooks are in it. Books like Engineering Thermodynamics are available for free download.

Likewise, all books are brief, and professors write the content. You can also use the website’s resources to select the books you need by title or author. But, ads appear to offer. So, one can tolerate in favor of a well-written book.

3- Open Textbook Library (OTL)

David Ernst launched the Open Textbook Library in 2012. It was first started at the University of Minnesota to locate free textbooks. OTL assists in finding 969 open books on the web. The topics covered include business, STEM, humanities, journalism, law, and natural sciences.

Moreover, these free textbooks are available for use by users under an open permit. The library’s resources are intended for use in postsecondary education. Hence, finding the best textbook is easier with the rating system shown on each book’s web page.

4- OpenStax

OpenStax provides 1,000 online textbooks for students in high school and beyond. Founded in 2011, this publisher of free textbooks is popular among students. It provides access to various peer-reviewed books from the US’s best colleges.

Similarly, these online digital textbooks are available for reading in PDF and ePub formats. Verified tutors also get access to answer manuals from the book. For students who want further help with coursework, the portal provides OpenStax Tutor.

5- Project Gutenberg

The initial source of free textbook websites includes Project Gutenberg. It is an online library with 60,000 books available for free. Most books in the library are available in various file types, including HTML, ePub, Kindle, plain Text UTF-8, and more.

You can search the library by book type, author, subject, or title. Likewise, you may peruse the Self-Publishing Press. Here, modern writers share their works with library readers. Thus, this website is essential for studying the arts and humanities.

6- Library Genesis

Library Genesis appears and goes by several names on the website. You can access free online books, journals, serials, and other study materials here. Reddit users value this online book database. It is also known as LibGen and Genesis Library.

To access the website, enter the book’s ISBN, title, or author in the search areas without registering. You may narrow your search by adding details about the year if you know them. Thus, use the ISBN to improve your chances of locating a book.

7- IntechOpen

IntechOpen was founded in 2010. It was formerly a diverse open-access publication of books and journals. This website unties business and academia to produce material that has a global audience. Science, tech, and medicine are all covered topics.

Further, this is the top publisher of free books worldwide. Almost 5,500 peer-reviewed free books, such as The Human Microbiome, are available. Also, 136,000 writers, academic editors, and 3.3 million monthly visitors are the top highlights. Thus, it’s a website to expand your understanding of science.

8- FreeBookSpot

There are an endless number of books on FreeBookSpot. It is outdated, and constant ads might drive you crazy. However, it is a helpful website where you can obtain free books. It is essential if your course syllabus draws from printed works.

This site allows you to search books by language, ISBN, author, and title. After entering the request, you will be sent to a table of results that includes the book cover, a synopsis, and links. If the original link doesn’t work, try another link to download.

9- ScholarWorks

The Grand Valley State University Library oversees the open-access resource ScholarWorks. The works of GVSU scholars are preserved and shown there. This website has 20,421 papers on math and STEM topics, spanning works in 612 fields. You may download it from the website without creating an account.

Moreover, books, project materials, master’s theses, thesis, and articles are all available in the archive. The homepage has a map that lets you see how popular the material is. So, it is based on how many downloads it has received.

10- Manybooks

With more than 150,000 readers, ManyBooks is one of the popular free textbook websites. You can quickly locate your book using the search box or looking through a few genres. Users may even access books selected by the editor to highlight choices.

Still, it offers free textbooks in PDF format. It assists you in choosing a book to read. Plus, it lets you choose different genres for different searches. The site has a Discover drop-down option, providing access to popular resources.

Final Thoughts

Free textbook websites are great for obtaining academic help. You don’t have to pay for pricey physical books. These sites simplify obtaining details for students and learners by providing many books in various formats. You can even filter your search on the website by title, author, or year of publication. The top ten sites that help read books online or offline are listed above. You can download PDF books with the best reading and editing tools.

FAQs on Free Textbook Websites

Can textbooks on Library Genesis be found in different formats?

Man free textbook websites provide books in different formats. Library Genesis offers textbooks in various forms. Ebooks are available in pdf, mobi, word, and other formats. You can select the format that you like most.

Do free textbook websites have books available in various languages?

Although English is the main language of most books, some have translations available in different wording. Look through the textbook details to find out if translations are open.

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