With News-O-Matic, teachers can improve their lessons to align with the K–8 curriculum. This online learning platform aims to stimulate students’ curiosity and motivate schools to change how they instruct. This educational tool allows teachers to integrate with the science, social studies, ELA, and SEL curricula. Likewise, this site gives students daily access to original nonfiction articles. It helps them develop their passion for reading and prepares them for future jobs. With all other aspects, it also provides educators with useful resources to help them ensure an inclusive learning setting. Hence, it empowers students and encourages lifelong learning.

All About News-O-Matic

This article covers News-O-Matic’s specific features. In addition to reading skills, students also develop their critical thinking skills and have access to many nonfiction aids.

News-O-Matic For ELA

Every ELA lesson is genuine and engaging. It helps reading abilities by using research-based tactics to expand real-world cases. This portal offers details on foreign speeches. Students can learn, evaluate, and talk about literary issues. They can explore the realm of lyrical phrases. Besides, it includes a range of multimedia aids that depict media literacy.

In addition, ELA offers a deep look at various genres, events, and creative forms. These features help students develop a passion for the arts and culture. When Waggle Math and News-O-Matic for ELA merge, students receive an extensive learning experience. Thus, they get many chances to practice the methods required to improve ELA courses.

News-O-Matic for Social Studies

Social Studies content can be used alongside the NCSS Themes. It offers info on the Earth, natural sciences, and ways of life. The study of history helps to bridge the past and present. Moreover, it simply covers world economics, policies, inflation, and money.

Further, cultural content includes diversity, and daily sections teach students about it. Native speakers read aloud in the Read-To-Me function, which helps learners learn about other cultures. Students can also evaluate the figures, events, and ideas using these text sets.

News-O-Matic for Science

This platform examines the conduct and life patterns of living species. It also includes ecology, habitats, and wildlife. Plants A-Z and Animals A-Z are two series used. Students can assess various species and their traits. It explores farming, climate, space science, and more.

Similarly, it gives readers an overview of chemistry. It concerns the origins of energy and the nature of matter. Vast and practical examples of engineering methods in action are given in the course.

News-O-Matic for SEL

The tool supports kids with the increasing value of social and emotional learning (SEL) in the subjects. Many stories conform to the SEL standards of CASEL. However, this course material aids in learning various topics, like relations, self-worth, and more.

News-O-Matic For EEL

English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Arabic are the five lingoes available for all text and audio articles. Teachers training in ESL or foreign languages may include these plans. It covers nonfiction reading and current events.

Classroom Features

All of this tool’s features are well adapted for use in the class. It allows teachers to maximize student learning while teaching. Each article matches state and federal criteria to develop focused lessons. It enables all young students to read high-interest books daily. Similarly, such texts improve reading abilities.

Further, teachers can either create their own adapted unit or select one off the shelf. The platform is secure and suitable for all kinds of students. Lesson plans, units, test questions, and custom tasks are all included. Thus, it has simple class integration and readily usable data with interactive elements.

Refined For Student Engagement

Built to attract readers, this platform is packed with interesting features and rich details. Its graphics, regularly updated editions, and audio aids provide options to motivate kids. Likewise, five stories are released daily, so the content is never the same. Hence, real texts and recordings of native speakers’ voices are optimized for student engagement.

Support For Teachers

The teaching tools are designed to improve learning conditions with time-saving features. In addition to many other features, teachers can create projects, monitor student progress and lesson plans, and access discussion topics. These courses can also be used for a specific user group, the full class, or a single user. Open-ended questions, multiple articles, and MCQs can all be adjusted.

Moreover, students’ learning of the articles is tested as part of the review process. It gives them feedback on how they are doing in different languages. Its features include text-to-speech, closed captions, and visual aids. Every article has defined terms that assist students in increasing their vocabulary and using Tier-2 language.

Various Lesson Plans

There is a specified lesson plan for every grade and curriculum. For grades 1-5, the ELA includes MCQs, text structure, compare and contrast, and more. Similarly, for grades K-5, there are six lesson plans for social studies.

It includes countries A-Z, the rise of jazz music, and more. Further, there is a single lesson plan for social and emotional learning. For grades 1-5, the science subject includes three lesson plans.

Free Trial and Login

Try this platform with free access. Fill out this form to sign up for a three-week trial. It includes your first and last name, as well as your email address. Remember to add a strong username and password. Retyping the password is essential. Later, you must fill the column with the number of students and platforms you have heard of.

Selecting or adding the institution name is essential. Once you register, you can explore the platform using its free version. It will be easier for you to log in later. Here, you need to add the username and password you added to the form.


A daily selection of nonfiction news pieces is carefully prepared with this online platform. It is used to spark kids’ curiosity and encourage teachers to change and update the curricula. News-O-Matic is integrated into science, social studies, ELA, SEL, and current affairs curricula in schools. It makes learning possible anywhere, anytime, on any mobile device and across the web. For students of all reading levels, each article offers multiple reading levels. Native speakers translate each article through this tool.

FAQs on News-O-Matic

What is the process for adjusting reading levels?

First, make sure you are signed in as a tutor. The red button is visible on the Teacher’s Dashboard. After setting the level, ensure your students’ mobile app is closed and reopened to check the changes.  

To how many devices can you link a single subscription?

A single account can connect up to three devices. You must log into each device using a single ID to do that. Following the installation process, each ID can be signed back in.

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