Designed by experienced tutors, Night Zookeeper is ideal for students aged 6 to 12. You can choose your child’s age on the parent dashboard upon registration. It will change the lessons, games, challenges, and vocabulary levels they will experience. Children can learn new words, use them in sentences, and create great writing. It can be shared with kids worldwide with fun and challenging lessons and activities that it offers. The teachers on the team provide them with feedback that identifies areas for improvement. Rewards and contests in-game encourage players to keep learning and improving. It teaches writing and reading comprehension using a gamified approach.

Night Zookeeper

In this article, Night Zookeeper helps boost students to be creative and engage in academic goals.

Reading & Writing Programs

Children can enhance their creative writing abilities by creating sketches of the fictitious creatures they encounter in the Night Zoo. Thousands of new words are taught to kids through engaging, customized games and activities, helping to provide the basis for a broad vocabulary. As kids advance, they’ll view sentence-building tasks, writing tasks, and other games.

Further, these activities assist them in merging these new words into longer, complex phrases. After that, kids are asked to apply what they have learned by creating tales, reports, poetry, and types of writing. They receive immediate feedback on all of their written work. As students get expert remarks, they are inspired to write better.

Features of the R&W Program

Certain attributes are required to lead an R&W program. It is an award-winning reading and writing curriculum for children aged six to twelve. Professional educators created it to boost reading and writing abilities. There are countless educative games, courses, and tools. Your parent dashboard can track progress while offering writing tasks. So, get monthly-themed printables, worksheets and tools.

Classroom Reading & Writing Program

The English curriculum covers spelling, grammar, punctuation, reading comprehension, and word learning issues. Set assignments allow teachers to assign specific lessons to your class. These tasks and writing activities are easy to find on your dashboard.

Likewise, you can effortlessly monitor your child’s creation, modify app options, and offer writing projects. Also, it saves time during grading. Students receive prompt and effective feedback they write from Night Zookeeper characters and teachers.

HomeSchool Program

This program is a terrific addition to the homeschooling toolset. Your child can use an online language arts program to enhance their reading and writing abilities or with coaching. These students can improve their social skills by swapping ideas with other kids. Students can develop characters for their Night Zoo as part of creative activities.

Moreover, students are offered sketch games. Writing prompts, tutorials, word games, and fights are all part of activities and games. The community hub promotes teamwork by assessing their peers’ work and group study. Each account has a personal blog page, games, and league tables to promote progress toward higher ranks.

Writing Program

Students are urged to begin their creative writing adventure by creating magical animal characters. It helps kids enhance their writing abilities by teaching them new words. They improve their grammatical skills and begin writing more easily. Kids play with writing styles to create short stories, reports, poetry, and other types of writing.

Further, they can expand their skills in other writing styles. This novel way covers narrative, expository, persuasive, and descriptive writing. It is carefully reviewed and directed to provide a secure learning setting.

Features of the Writing Program

Many crucial elements make up a writing program. Hundreds of pre-made writing lesson plans are available. Real-time progress monitoring shows your child’s growth. In a similar vein, you can assign yourself writing tasks. Thousands of offline and online English materials are available for children aged 6 to 12. Each month, worksheets are given to be done by hand.

List of Books

On the official website, there is a collection of affordable books. The most viewed in the Night Zookeeper Adventure Book Series are books 1-5. The Reading Companion Pack is one of the other books. Further, personalized books come with a book gift voucher and a design-the-hear option. Some book series include the Adventures Starter Bundle, eBook 1–5, and Reading Charts Pack 1–6.

Support for Parents

Not only is it the only homeschooling program that makes language fun, with parental support. Although planning and preparing lessons for schooling might be tough, these features make it easier. Children gain input from the show’s characters, enabling accurate work assessment.

Likewise, children will develop and learn on their own. Add several kids to your account, ranging in age from 5 to 11. The account provides rewards to keep kids motivated. Giving your child more insight may improve their learning.

Adapt to the Child’s Learning Needs

Selecting a program that can adapt to your child’s needs is crucial. Parents can adjust the grade level here to fit their child’s ability. It helps students who want extra help in language arts. It qualifies for pupils in elementary and early middle school.

However, to guarantee that kids with special education needs can easily learn independently. It includes the option to install a speech-to-text extension, audio subtitles, and an “Easy Mode”. It is designed for children aged five to seven. Hence, the program’s educational activities cater to different learning styles.

Pricing Plans and Sign-up

The monthly package costs $12.99 for full access to the Night Zookeeper. With the same benefits, the quarterly plan costs $33.99 every three months. Choose the annual plan for $59.99 with a 50% savings. Likewise, you can log in as a kid or parent. Make sure the username is your email address. Recall that you have feature control through the parent dashboard.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a parent or searching for other ways to enhance your education, it is the best. The reading and writing curriculum of the Night Zookeeper is extensive. It can also be utilized to advance the expertise and abilities your child has learned in school. Some parents enhance their children’s school-taught reading and writing skills. Playing fun word games helps with spelling and vocabulary growth while testing grammar and structural knowledge. Engaging writing exercises spark kids’s creativity.

FAQs on Night Zookeeper

How can you monitor your child’s progress?

Upon enrolling in this program, you can access a parent dashboard. You can conveniently monitor your child’s writing, success, and tutor comments here.

When is the best time to utilize Night Zookeeper?

Kids should utilize it for at least thirty minutes weekly to maximize its benefits. They will have more time to do their weekly tasks and review their tutors’ feedback. Dedicate a few hours each week to get the most out of it and accelerate your child’s skill.

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