Writable is an extended writing program available online. It stresses a recursive writing process that receives much input from teachers and peers. The main writing genres taught in grades 3-12 are covered. Students get experience with prompts in quick writes, short responses, and multi-paragraph essays. These lengthy writing projects require several changes as they finish tasks. Schools that employ writing workshops and other academic plans use this curriculum in various topic areas. Teachers view its process of revision and peer criticism. So, students assess each other’s writing using the criteria and give stars during the peer review.

All About Writable

This article will help you cover different aspects of the Writable website in detail.

Responsive Assignments

Many assignments are linked to the class, teaching style, and available resources. Preparing and arranging lessons is simpler than ever. With prompts, readings, rubrics, and more, projects adjust to the daily needs. Likewise, you may simplify your practice with flexible framing and guided assignments.

Moreover, you can access over 300 reading selections and over 1000 personalized tasks. In Writable, every student can flourish with custom assignments and linguistic support. It covers every curriculum and the purposes of the district or state. As a result, assignments, grades, and rosters are exchanged with the LMS. 

Engage Writers & Readers

Students develop cognitive patterns for reading. Writable uses teacher-selected scaffolds to help students think and write. They can enhance their ability to read, plan, and write. Still, it gives students the power to take charge of their education and make notable choices.

Further, it extends to more motivated students. Teachers can also provide students with a selection of readings. Students can reply in written, audio, or video formats. Thus, teachers can choose AI resources to assist them. It includes Originality Check, Grammarly, and RevisionAid. Students can even add revisions at any moment.

Faster Feedback

Writing-based evaluations connect students’ ideas with the teaching. Mentoring young writers has always been difficult. It directs live writing and talks with students. So, it grades using a single interface and now includes AI-guided comments.

Similarly, its feedback choices help students become more self-reliant. It directs their review process. It even assigns peer reviews and self-reviews on any prompt as feedback. Hence, it provides students with skill-aligned comments and audio or video feedback.

Find practice options to help you reach your learning intent. Writable helps you pick the most useful teaching strategy. It also assists with reteaching and assigning solo work, improving group schooling.

You can even see past student insights with pre-teaching to assist you in the upcoming class. Finding tasks that fit the students’ needs is simple. Teachers can monitor students’ writing progress. They modify their lessons to optimize learning. A report on proficiency and growth is included.

Fits Your Goals

This platform unites practice and evaluation to assist your reading goals. It is the only solution that saves teachers time. Still, it connects to the unique practice and review demands. You may link writing to the core reading lesson or access the given tasks in the district curriculum.

Likewise, reports and graded work are instantly available to teachers. It assists you in aligning student work needs with district or state student work. You can also add your state’s rubric to any of these projects. Thus, it covers all state standards and curricula.

Unparallel Support

This service provides 24/7 chat help, client success, and help when needed. You may benefit from on-demand classes and attend live and online events. Locate all the tools you require to succeed in your teaching. Learn about the newest features, research, and plans by joining other teachers and the team.

Writable AI Impact

By using AI to engage students and enable better writing, you can increase the cogency of your teaching. Once in this program, you can use AI to build curriculum modules. It develops essays, multiple-choice questions, and multi-tasks based on any text.

With insights and rubric-aligned remarks, it targets certain areas for growth. It uses AI-based sample ratings to reduce grading time. Thus, learn to use AI Suggested Comments to get feedback on your docs.

Student Experience

A place for creativity and growth is created to keep students inspired, involved, and urged daily. Students go through the writing process with the support of its research-based plan. It gives them tailored help when needed as it grows and engages. Retaining reader and writer interest is made possible by a side-by-side context.

This program allows you to explore how projects are handled and learn about the guided writing process. It includes planning, writing, unknown peer evaluation, self-review, and work revision. Using the rubrics, teachers can know how students write. Students can then edit their work in reply to teacher criticism.

Good for Learning

Peer review is a crucial skill that is sometimes ignored. This program stresses it well. It scaffolds the writing, editing, and feedback process. Its Practice Peer Review lessons identify it in the field of tech writing. The program has feedback in addition to drafting and revising.

Moreover, union among teachers is facilitated by the “team grading” function. The detailed teacher reports inform academic decisions. Though it fully supports efficient writing, it pays for its initial learning curve. So, analyzing how it works requires a lot of time.

Pricing and Sign Up

Writable provides a writing solution, with annual fees starting at $9 per student. Teachers may use it to create projects and engage writers and readers. It offers quick feedback and supports advanced teaching.

Further, you can use Microsoft, Google, or Schoology to log in. You can also login immediately with your username and password if you’re not using any of those options. Students’ writing potential can be unlocked by joining and trying it for free.


For students in grades 3–12, Writable is a thorough digital literacy curriculum. It provides tools with AI abilities and flexible options. Also, timely feedback helps to improve writing education. Teachers can customize tasks, offer focused criticism, and involve students in the writing process. Their loyalty to saving students’ privacy is a method backed by research. The customer service makes it a useful literacy teaching tool. It inspires teachers and boosts student progress with the free trial. 

FAQs on Writable

How is the LMS linked with this program?

Popular LMS systems like Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and HMH Ed are linked to it. Teachers may set up this tool to easily merge with various outlets. Thus, it assures effective grading, reading, and team control.

What privacy issues does this program have?

This program honors teachers’ and students’ privacy. Its goal is to make writing easy for teachers and inspire upcoming writers. So, it complies with state education policies that prioritize privacy.

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