ThinkCERCA is a web-based online literacy curriculum program specified for grades K-12. It highlights clear speech and critical thinking. CERCA denotes the site’s logical approach to critical thinking and debate. It stands for Claims, Evidence, Reasoning, Counterarguments, and Audience. Students finish various tasks as they read through one of the multiple text options. It includes diagrams, text passages, multiple-choice questions, and statements. They are then asked to provide textual proof to back up what they say. So, they explain their thinking and respond to any possible issues. So, tests determine the student’s reading and writing proficiency.  

All About ThinkCERCA

Like WriteReader, this article explores the aspects of ThinkCERCA in terms of literacy expansion.

Writing Across the Curriculum

View all of the writing in each of the series’ curriculum guides. It has a handbook for science, math, social studies, and English language arts teachers. When you write about a concept, you work through ideas. Likewise, you become adept at seeing gaps and picking differing opinions. Using this handbook, you will get all the details.

Moreover, there are several ways to spread the writing across the curricular project. Identify issues and provide support and comments. Use a constant model to set clear goals. Set aside time for debate and focus on teamwork above anything else.

Core ELAR Suite for Innovators

A whole year-long basic English curriculum is offered. ThinkCERCA offers verified and standards-aligned teaching. So, it contains content from top publications, both literary and instructive. A good mix of classic and modern texts is included to keep every student interested. 

Further, an online learning setting helps students think about science-based best practices. The offline student guides provide rich courses. These policies support teachers with varying levels of skills. They include a variety of learners in an integrated learning setting. 

Curriculum & Literacy Interventions Suite

Research indicates that kids need to write regularly in a variety of areas. This way, they can absorb skills and evaluate them critically. Studies virtually explain their ideas to be ready for the world ahead. It has combined writing across fields, critical thinking, and careful reading into a single, tested model. 

Some vital aspects of ThinkCERCA include speaking and listening exercises, reading teaching, and curriculum. Similarly, it manages test planning, data-driven learning, literary writing training, and ELD aids. Thus, you can utilize standard reviews, reports, and crucial reading here.

Foundational Reading & Linguistics Course

ThinkCERCA targets grades 6-12 students who struggle with word recognition, vocal learning, and decoding. It fills the basic deficits in reading grasp and uses a science of reading strategy to provide rigorous and clear training. Teen toiling readers won’t give up on it by themselves or in a high school program with it.  

Likewise, the Foundational Reading & Linguistics Course is free of teacher expertise and is self-paced for the student. Reading experts, literacy coaches, and teachers created and wrote it. This program has two goals. Young learners get age-based teaching on decoding. Also, it stops any guilt attached to having difficulty reading.  

Benchmark Evaluation Services

ThinkCERCA uses benchmark writing checks and evaluation services. It aligns with districts to support teachers in finding areas for progress in reading and writing. Here, you can save time and achieve outcomes.

Apart from all this, it assists you in planning baseline tests and getting ready for an admin process. In class, students finish the predefined criteria. Teachers even have more time to engage with students. Hence, kids receive specific growth plans based on their progress.  

Professional Learning

Leading experts in literacy and skilled teachers from several fields collaborated to create it. It is more than just a platform firm. The platform is created to make best practices realistic and attainable. It increases the skilled teams to help teachers and leaders promote learning in loud, joyful classes.

Moreover, it allows them to provide top-notch learning to assist their careers. Data literacy is covered in the leadership series. Thus, curriculum alignment, literacy best practices, MTSS in Tier 1, and literacy routines are all part of the teacher and coach course.  

Product Features

The close Reading feature helps in building students’ set details. It stresses audio support and embedded vocabulary. Similarly, writing improves learning, not just proving knowledge. It covers basic, informative, and narrative essay writing. It also rites scaffolds and sentence stems. The collaboration features aid in nurturing curiosity and the open exchange of ideas. 

It includes high-interest and engaging topics. So, it has arguable writing prompts with speaking and listening activities. It levels texts for grades 3-12. There are built-in tools for auto-assigning lessons and ELD resources. Thus, it has paperless grading with standard grading rubrics.

Package and Plans

In general, prices for students vary from $30 to $40. It depends on how much work is required at each site. This offers courses in all subject areas. So, any instructor can set up a classroom account for that student. The plan includes full access to all ELA, social studies, science, and math lessons.

Moreover, it has a shared language and stands for teaching academic writing. Its resources help all educators teach literacy. Apart from all this, it is aligned to C3, CCSS, and other frameworks. You can even access to the discipline-specific texts and writing.

Getting Started

To get started, you can watch a demo on its official website. However, you must follow some steps to log in as a teacher or student. Add your email, first and last name, and contact info. Further, you are required to add your district or school info and title. Remember to pick the products you are interested to learn. Hence, it will lead you to the main dashboard.


ThinkCERCA fills a major gap in online literacy teaching. It’s an excellent plan for imparting knowledge on texts and writing. Tutors can enable students with various skill levels to work together on projects, which might be made easier with this unified app. Apart from all this, it promotes online alliances and expert help. It offers educators and learners an overly complex web-based curriculum backed by further content. Notably, it has passed study tests, all showing student progress.

FAQs on ThinkCERCA

What are some of the AI-powered feedback features it offers?

ThinkCERCA increases students’ ability to ask for feedback. Likewise, it offers active feedback to ensure the learning and things to do next are working. The ongoing aid is provided as long as the students are making changes. It even improves their ability to rate the feedback they receive regularly.

What are this platform’s privacy policies?

It tries to ensure that all security complies with current standards by these basic privacy principles. It protects personal data, not exploit it for financial gain. It also collaborates with learners to give them authority over their data.

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