KidzType can assist your child in becoming a touch-typing maestro. With technology dominating every aspect of life, typing has become a critical skill. This platform enhances typing performance skillfully and virtually. Making people excel in typing through exciting games and educational projects or tasks is possible. Dance Mat Typing offers a series of fun touch-typing tutorials. Simple touch-typing lessons are provided in various games to engage kids. It encourages their efforts across various learning levels. Thus, like TypeTastic, the only goal is to assist kids in becoming proficient touch typers.

All About KidzType

This article provides a simple, entertaining, and comical touch-typing guide on KidzType. It will teach your child how to type like a pro.

Typing Games for Kids

Are you trying to get faster at typing? KidzType offers many engaging free typing games. Enjoy exhilarating activities like racing through the jungle, hitting moles, bursting rockets, and racing autos, bikes, and boats. You can unleash the power of your fingertips.

Further, these keyboard games offer the ideal enjoyment and skill development balance. It can help you improve your typing abilities while having a blast. You’ll quickly become more proficient at typing with its designed games.

Thriving Skills through Games

Playing typing games helps teens match their hand motions with what they see on the screen. It improves hand-eye coordination, aiding in their growth as precise keyboard users. Many keyboard games include word and phrase challenges.

So, KidzType helps kids talk more and improve their spelling. Repeating words increases children’s typing speed. Likewise, it encourages kids to increase their speed and accuracy by posing challenges.

Engaging Kids via Fun Games

The games teach keyboarding abilities using easy-to-learn methods. Concepts like numerals, home rows, upper rows, and letter placing are all readily grasped by kids. These games captivate young minds.

Moreover, it holds their attention with captivating topics like space travel, car racing, and fantasy worlds. It ensures that picking up typing will always seem like a thrilling quest. The games’ adjustable range of difficulty levels lets kids advance independently.

Suitable for Kids of All Ages

Kids of all ages might enjoy these keyboard games and dance mat typing exercises. Gaining keyboarding abilities at a young age lays a solid basis for future success. While a child is just starting or wants to become more proficient at typing, these games offer growth opportunities.

Typing with Lessons

This online typing software is made especially for children. It provides a selection of gripping and fun lessons and instructs on correct keyboarding and typing. Kids can learn to type with its engaging activities, vibrant colors, and user-friendly layout.

In addition, the curriculum is devised with learners’ needs in mind. The courses stress critical concepts. They include lessons on home, top, below, and number rows. Likewise, they cover keyboard symbols and shift key lessons.

Typing Exercises

This website provides a range of options for all typing skills regarding typing sessions. As a result, everyone is welcome to start studying and improving their typing skills. In general, eye-hand balance is the key to typing. You must use every one of your ten fingers.

Likewise, your typing speed will be slow if you do not utilize all your fingers. It indicates a need for the correct approach. A variety of typing games to help you practice your typing. It includes almost thirty different typing exercises.

Benefits of the Typing Exercises

The typing exercises provided here have multiple benefits. They make you more proficient at typing assignments of any sort, including writing essays rapidly or taking digital notes in class.

Apart from all this, these typing exercises not only help you become more proficient at spelling. But they also help you prevent typing mistakes, which will ultimately help you in the future. Hence, you can finish typing assignments more swiftly and effortlessly than others.

Typing Practice to Improve Speed

KidzType will help your child’s typing abilities to grow. With hands-on tasks, lectures, and games, it is particularly made for kids and helps them become more accurate and faster. It guarantees steady progress from basic to expert levels.

Moreover, it offers progress tracking, success badges, and a safe setting to keep kids engaged. It includes row practices, symbols, numeric, sentence, and paragraph practice. With it, you can start your kid becoming a skilled and self-assured typer.

Ways to Learn Typing

Step one is to begin learning touch typing. If you know how to type, you can skip the 1st step. You must know the important rules for sitting and focusing while typing. Remember to keep your positions in the base position. Likewise, you should adjust your hands according to the top, home, and below-row keys.

Similarly, never look at your finger while performing or practicing a typing test. Limit your hand and finger movement unless pressing a required key. Your sitting posture also matters. However, it is a fact that many people quickly learn to type rather than write any phrase manually.

Typing Test Online

Kids can better focus on their work when they can type more effortlessly. Correcting typing errors and typing slowly divert attention from the task at hand. They can choose from the online typing test. Several test materials are used to meet the desired length of the test, which usually lasts from one to five minutes.

Further, it is ideal for children who continue to develop their typing skills and those who are just beginning to practice. Each typing test result can be saved, and progress charts are shown. Upon passing the online WPM Typing Test, students receive a professional certificate.


As your children type through it, KidzType is prepared to teach them new phrases and words in the language. In addition, it is a technique via which kids pick up proper word spelling. When your children go to higher grades in school, it will be crucial that they know how to spell words correctly. The simple fact that you taught them how to type well will help them succeed in school. Thus, they will be grateful to you for that.

FAQs on KidzType

How can you begin with KidzType?

It is best to begin with these typing courses if you are a beginner. With each exercise, you can increase your speed and accuracy. You can only improve your accuracy via practice; as the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

How much time should you dedicate to practising?

Everything depends on how many hours you dedicate to it. It differs depending on the person. Some people may need between thirty and forty-five days to type accurately and quickly. However, some people may find it difficult to retrain their muscle memory.

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